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Retirement. Life only begins?

When the person retire, not only his life changes. Relatives are forced to adapt to the new status of parents too. Recently the girlfriend complained: earlier almost did not swear at mother, and here is how only that retired - the small conflicts arise out of the blue. It while they live separately. What to do?

First of all, to young people it is necessary to understand that the exit of parents to pension is some kind of stress. Before people it was constantly engaged at work where the relations with colleagues, an involvement into working process created feeling of a demand. And here everything changes. The situation is aggravated with the fact that with age it is more difficult to person to get used to new living conditions. Supervision show that easier and quicker those people who in life have a hobby and hobbies adapt.

It is much simpler to women to find new occupations, they take care of children and grandsons. To men it is more difficult as many see the self-realization in work, social and professional activity. With retirement they can have a crisis of meaning of life. The quicker the man will understand that except work there are also other occupations (a hobby, a family, friends), the it will be easier for it to begin new life. As one my acquaintance spoke: “All of us time work, and to live when?“

Youth often complains that the senior people constantly take offense and become reserved, avoiding contacts and refusing the help. The main problem - offenses on trifles. To it there is an explanation from the point of view of physiology. With age the metabolism is slowed down, there are changes in work of nervous system and a brain. The organism copes with physical and psycho worse - emotional loadings. Here is how time young people most often forget about the increased vulnerability of nervous system. It seems to them that anything special did not occur, and elderly people remember the conflict long. Once again to apologize will not make special work, and tension in the relations considerably will decrease.

Though to pensioners you should not forget that attempts to retire from - for offenses do not lead to anything good. It only worsens mood. Social activity and communication with the family and friends very much raise a vitality. Not without reason most of long-livers say that work and an active involvement into the family relations - guarantee of their health and good health. Cordial relations are necessary at any age.

Often children have a persistent desire to take away the father or mother to live to itself, especially if aged parents need leaving. Strangely enough sounds, but you should not do it. Especially in that case when parents live in the village. The reason again - in features of nervous system of the aging person. Any moving, change of a situation, social contacts is a big stress. Sitting within four walls alone can quickly worsen a condition of physical and mental health. In such cases the best that children can make is to provide the maximum comfort in the house of parents, to buy necessary household appliances. If there is no opportunity to daily visit parents, then to ask someone who will be able to help with domestic needs. And of course, as often as possible to call up.

Elderly people do not manage to march in step behind information and new technologies. But they have a big advantage - the saved-up life experience, wisdom. Sometimes there are cases when the valuable advice of parents is much more important in life, than modern technologies. Protect the family!