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How to grow thin by fall? I change traditions … and ourselves How to grow thin by summer - it all of us know

. To refuse from sweet and fat right after New Year`s feasts. To refuse from sweet and fat - now for certain - after March 8. To bethink before May holidays: till summer there was only a month, and tomorrow to go to shish kebabs, and pork is filled already in with mayonnaise! To get it together after holidays and, at last, to begin to work. To go on a diet, to rise on the exercise machine - the main thing, not to mix …

Here the way familiar to each woman. But this year I decided to go other road. I consciously decided not to grow thin by summer. Well as it is conscious … Somewhere at the beginning of May I understood that to fit in in treasured 90 - 60 - 90 at me it will not turn out neither by June 1, nor by July 1, and on August 1 in our severe land the fall already begins, and drew a conclusion: it is necessary to change something in the habitual scheme.

I Change terms

Than the formulation by summer is bad “to grow thin“? First of all, the fact that it contains the instruction only on a terminal point: the ideal figure needs to be found by the beginning of June. And when to begin? There is no definite answer on this question therefore we delay a happy instant of familiarizing with a healthy lifestyle so much how many we can. We plan to begin since the next Monday, since new year, from the first day of spring … As a result never we begin.

Means, first of all I refuse vicious practice to put off everything and I give myself new installation: I grow thin not “by summer“, and “during the summer“. Conforming to the rules of design activity, as much as possible specifically I establish terms: from June 1 to August 31. In the evening on May 31 I set an alarm clock on 6. 30 - in the morning I am waited by the first jog …

Change motivation

We very strongly are mistaken when we limit in advance the period during which we assume to use results of our works. We grow thin by summer … Means, the good figure is necessary only in the summer? Means, after its termination it is possible to relax? Our subconsciousness reads this message quite so. And so it will also be. By winter the body with pleasure will gain weight again, muscles will be lost by elasticity, skin - smoothness … And, hi, a cock and bull story - it is necessary to make a fresh start.

That to avoid it, I go on small cunning … I want to deceive myself. I promise myself that I will grow thin by fall. It would seem what for? And just then it will not want to relax. To brag of a fine figure it will not turn out in the fall - but then wait also for a New Year`s office party with an opportunity to put on a new dress, and Women`s Day with compliments from men, and there you will not manage to look back - and here it, the same summer! Agree, to keep shape within a year much more simply, than to come back to it waiting for the next beach season. But I just should check it.

I Change the menu

Now, two months of my summer “marathon of symmetry“ later, I sympathize with women who grew thin by summer. To them it was much heavier, than me now. To refuse favourite products in the deep winter and in the early spring when there is a wish for heat, a cosiness and vitamins - the real violence over itself. I manage to avoid it.

My breakfast - a half-glass of fermented baked milk (for satiety), the handful is fresher than some strawberry or raspberry (for taste) and several spoons of bran (for health). My lunch - low-fat meat or fish and easy greens soup. My dinner - vegetables salad. My having a snack - fruit and berries. And still - water. It is a lot of clear water during the day (farewell, so-called “slags“; rejoice, kidneys).

Also you know that? All this is tasty! It is is enough! In the summer the organism with ease is reconstructed on the facilitated diet, and it becomes very simple to refuse harmful winter habits. Any more tea does not want evening with sweet cakes - I will better drink with own hand made lemonade (nothing difficult: water, lemon, mint and honey). Does not pull on fried potato and fat bacon any more - I skhrumkat the freshest cucumber better and I will have a snack on a juicy radish. There is no need any more to while away time behind unnecessary having a snack - I will better go outside and once again I will walk.

I Change a route

By the way, about walks... When still to walk how not in the summer? I begin to do it most actively. I change a habitual route: on weekdays I leave the house a bit earlier and there are two - three stops on foot. At any opportunity I forget about transport: in shop, to friends, home I walk. I come in park, in the wood, to the unfamiliar street - and I walk. Up hill and down dale. In a day I pass not less than five kilometers, and sometimes it turns out both ten, and fifteen. I could do so in the winter? Perhaps, but precisely would receive pleasures less - and, therefore, would refuse this invention earlier.

By the way, the special device - a sports bracelet helps to measure the passable distance to me (brand I do not write to avoid charges of advertizing, but at desire you will easily find options in the Internet). The same accessory counts the spent calories. Thanks to it I, for example, learned that I all in an hour of walk by a fast pace lose about 200 kilocalories - and it is a quite good bowl of soup or small cake. Such arithmetics perfectly stimulates to go further …

I Change the mode

to go it seems to me a little - it is necessary also to run. And run is such business … It tightens and lines to set up records. When I for the first time came to a racetrack at the beginning of June, it seemed to me that my ceiling - two kilometers (such “äåâ÷à÷üþ“ I hardly overcame a distance at school physical education classes). Only two months later not too frequent, but regular - two - three times a week - trainings I with little effort run five kilometers. And it already minus 500 kilocalories for once!

One more day a week I allocate for swimming. The beautiful view of sport - strengthens not only muscles, but also nervous system. And at the same time motivates to be in good shape, under a bathing suit you will not hide much.

I admit, in the beginning I thought that I will difficult allocate for trainings three - four evenings a week. And actually it appeared … it is impossible. In the summer evenings so many temptations distract from campaigns to the gym! Therefore I pass to the morning schedule. And me, an inveterate owl, unexpectedly it is pleasant. Suddenly it turns out that if not to clog in the evening a stomach with macaroni on - naval, and to have supper on - to a lung, then and rise will be a lung. And training perfectly tones up before the working day.

I Change the budget

the Money saved on candies and tickets for the bus, I decide to spend for beauty shop - namely for the modeling massage. Cellulitis at me and so, the glory to a coffee srub, is not observed, and here I will not refuse other bonuses of such procedure. And, by the way, there is a lot of bonuses: skin becomes more smooth and elastic, the body comes to a tone and is tightened, and you learn to be patient and with firmness to endure pain. I joke. Though the element of truth here as it is necessary, is present: the modeling massage - it is really sick. But for the sake of beauty it is possible a few and to suffer. Especially as for patience the kind aunt - the massage therapist rewards me a wrapping from seaweed - too, speak, will be reckoned at measurement of a waist …

I Change myself

A I will start measurements right now. So, behind - it is time to check two months the “We Grow Thin by Fall“ project whether the correct road I went. Scales show 57 kilograms - minus three from spring 61 kg. The tailor`s tape on hips agrees on a mark of 99 centimeters (there were 103 cm in the spring), and on a waist - 66 centimeters (there were exactly 70 cm). Means, all not for nothing. It is possible to continue.

However, something prompts to me that on September 1 I will not stop - I will also go, run, float … Well unless I will eat an excess chocolate in the rainy autumn evening.