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Musical “Tarzan. Love Story“. Why people run from love?

Strong there was a tradition. When in Moscow there comes the heat - Gennady Chikhachev declares a premiere. Hot days prepare the soil for hot impressions. On July 25, 2014 G. Chikhachev`s school presented to Muscovites the musical “Tarzan. Love Story“. The audience saw the musical performance filled with drama events with deadly fights of monkeys, artful human intrigues and a trembling love story. by

of the Adventure of Tarzan retold hundreds of times in cinema, drama and musical theaters, books, animation, virtual games and by word of mouth, certainly. But history of the person - monkeys did not lose relevance and today. It takes people for live, leaving behind more questions, than answers. Why the people living for the sake of love from love run?! And the love, the most strong terrestrial feeling, wins against everything, but does not use a victory?! What still it is necessary for it? The people who are looking for love and running from it know what is wanted, or just kill the time?!

Vladimir Kachesov`s musical “Tarzan. Love Story“ is created based on the well-known novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs “Tarzan, the adopted child of monkeys“ (1912) - the first book about adventures of the son of the English lord who grew up in the jungle. Tarzan`s history has something in common with Mowgli`s history. Only here more attention is paid to Love Story. To statement Gennady Chikhachev went since 1995. At a premiere he noticed that the novel is written in a difficult language. For a musical performance it had to be remade, rewritten, hundreds of times will be rethought. As a result new work - the drama, romantic, fun-loving, instructive and clever fairy tale for adults turned out.

It is necessary to notice that it is a unique genre of art. Meets seldom, but fantastically affects the modern viewer. Because fairy tales in good sense he is told a little. It is more and more - on the contrary. People missed frankly true, kind stories. The edification transmitted through the fairy tale works unostentatiously and precisely. Because all of us it is from the childhood. The truth we feel everything thinly and we reach for it.

Dense work on a performance lasted two and a half years. It passed in the absence of a scene (on repair 23 years) and in the presence of high human enthusiasm. The number of busy actors, musicians, creative and technicians strikes. It is necessary to notice that the level of a vocal, choreography and the scenic movement are beyond the musical. They reach the level of the qualitative operetta with real participation of honored artists of Russia and winners of the international competitions. Konstantin Skripalev, Tarzan`s performer, - the student of the All-Russian competition. Performers did not hide that the performance was created under Konstantin. It justified trust. Charismatic, air, furious, he flew on a scene and forced to empathize the torments.

All have to visit a performance aged from 3 till 93 years (earlier and later is not necessary because such audience will not have enough active attention for two and a half hours, and they will take away all attention to themselves). Only attended a performance it will be possible to see, hear, learn and experience the following:

the operetta Put under laws of musical theater with a professional vocal (the chorus master - the student of the international competition Elena Konoreva), choreography (the ballet master - the winner of the international competition Ekaterina Fomicheva), acrobatic tricks, production duels, dramatic art, functional scenery, qualitative historical and “zoological“ suits (the winner of an award of the Government of Moscow Elena Bochkova).

Live maintenance full strunno - brass band under control of the conductor, the honored artist of Russia Vladimir Yankovsky. The conductor operated an orchestra in a black silk shirt (in same Zurab Sotkilava was noticed) that gave to a seclusion performance, and the audience - airs and graces.

the Powerful power message of the beautiful fairy tale where the good is on the place. And the love wins against circumstances because it always remains with people. The love lights their life even in separation. Probably, it is one of the main subjects of the musical.

the Subtle intellectual humour filling a performance with laughter, intelligence, self-irony and indisputable ease (Lev Yakovlev and Gennady Chikhachev`s libretto).

Infinite grief of clever Jane, enthusiastic amorousness, sincere purity and inhuman spontaneity of Tarzan.

Associations with Sherlock Holmes`s times, Mowgli, Notre Dame de Paris, the Troubadour and other characters arising not only thanks to a visual row, but also musical parts. the Composer Vladimir Kachesov told


- Working on the musical, I tried to depart as much as possible from the academic manner of the letter and to sate the score with modern intonations and rhythms the jazz - fate, the blues; to use stylistics of a Charleston, foxtrot, tango, park waltz and other genres.

We saw history of pure love in which people, animals, generations and the worlds are involved. This history of Tarzan has classical external no heppa - an and. But each viewer left a performance with feeling of internal triumph. As though just became the witness something eternal. Touched to fine why the pleasant feeling of self-esteem appeared. It was looked through on a face everyone leaving the hall. We noticed. There was no wish to interview the audience that intimate experiences were not spilled. It is clear, that the next morning impressions will be carried over Moscow reserved or emotional delights:

- Again Chikhachev gave to a heat a heat! Hyped up the melted brains, returned to people the fairy tale! Reminded how it is necessary to empathize and put the truth from the head on legs!

The performance is kind. He is kinder than words, emotions or retellings about kind people. Because forces to empathize and long as people seldom do not in own occasion. And that the modern adult became sad over the fairy tale - absolutely an artifact of today`s life. To us at all not to fairy tales. Where we, and where fairy tales? And here suddenly gathered and deeply moved. It is necessary! It is very unexpected and fresh it turned out.

The performance is clever. In it it surpasses all expectations from the musical. Because, going to watch history of the boy - monkeys, you do not expect that during a performance you will think, reflect and be surprised... to. Here supposedly as I am solidary with Tarzan. Or such thoughts: “Here to become such “nerd“ as professor Porter (magnificent game of Oleg Zimin). Would bring together to itself cockroaches, and a grass not grow“. Or: “Here if at me was to so many spirit how many at Mrs. Hudson, I would come to the chief and explained how it is not right...“ (The honored actress of Russia Lyudmila Polyanskaya created an image of the beautiful, elderly lady. On a scene it works well seldom. Even it is difficult to remember who were successful such types better, than to Lyudmila Yurevna). Or: “How so, Jane did not want to remain with Tarzan, married by calculation?!“ She reasonably explained that Tarzan will not be able to live in the false and mercenary world: “You will always do that it is impossible for others. I do not want tears“. Jane rejects love of ardent “animal“. And the soul is torn from the unfair truth which not to bypass, not to go round.

The performance did not manage to achieve good team-work yet. Dynamic scenes sometimes are replaced by monotonous arias. But in general he creates a powerful emotional message of sincerity, sensuality, fabulousness and justice. In it all frankly. It is a lot of tears from a grief and pleasure. And the final could be better. “Brightened up“ the director - the director, the honored worker of arts of Russia, the honored artist of Russia Gennady Chikhachev called the performance final. Perhaps, so it also is. The final is sad, but optimistical: everyone chose a right way.

The performance unambiguously raises the level of musicals on a high creative level. “Tarzan. Love Story“ will reanimate the lost hope for power of good, powerlessness of lie and an infirmity of meanness. You are again convinced that the love is fine. All people are unintentionally silly and are predictably wise. All are not lonely in the doubts, but are very lonely in crowd. All equally look for happiness where it cannot be. Also run away from it, in time without having distinguished. Tarzan lives in everyone, but not everyone gives vent to the Tarzan. Perhaps, too because distinguishes nothing in time.

And, of course, conclusions. The performance is actual. A heat to it after anything. It is necessary to look at it with everything to strengthen musically - esthetic outlook not to hackney sense of justice, honor, sincerity, goodwill. Once again to be convinced that he will be kind always good, and the rest - where it should be. To remember that the love is a feeling which everyone has, but sometimes it dozes. That nobody cancelled decency, honor, conscience, and they do not sink in streams of lie, an official environment and enormous dishonourableness. That the live band music so strongly touches deeply that leaving a performance, several days sing the main melody of the musical “And - and - and - and“. Then it is forgotten and you think: “It is necessary to descend once again on Tarzan that the melody was hooked more strong and it was not forgotten any more“.

Platform: The Moscow musical theater under hands. Gennady Chikhachyov.

hire Form: repertoire.

Music: Vladimir Kachesov.

of the Libretto: Lev Yakovlev, Gennady Chikhachyov.

Director: Gennady Chikhachyov.

Choreographer: Ekaterina Fomichyova.

of Scenery: Yury Dolomanov.

Suits: Elena Bochkova.

Musical director: Vladimir Yankovsky.

In roles: Konstantin Skripalyov, Natalia Repich, Natalya Rebrova, Yury Krasov, Grigory Zakharyev, Vadim Popovichev, Anton Fadeyev, Oleg Zimin, Lyudmila Polyanskaya, Anna Alt, Natalya Zamniborshch, Tatyana Petrova, Elena Yazdovskaya, Zinaida Gromozdina, Natalya Karmelyuk, Sergey Ryazanov, Stanislav Yakubovsky, Irina Himina, Vladlen Mikhalkov, Evgeny Bashlykov.

Performance duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one interval. The address Moscow, st. 1 - I Novokuzminskaya, 1.