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What is the traffic light and as it appeared in our life?

the Traffic light are the device already habitual to all of us which regulates the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic lights happen several types: automobile, for pedestrians, for blind people and color-blind persons, for cyclists, for route vehicles, and also the tram and railway traffic light. Though they also differ on appearance, but all carry out the same role - bear light information.

the Very first traffic light installed in the world was invented by John Pik Knight at the end of the 19th century. It was established in London, near the building of the British parliament on December 10, 1868. This invention needed to be operated manually, lifting and lowering an arrow. It was replaced soon with a lamp which worked at gas and had only two colors: red and green.

Less than a month after installation of the first traffic light, namely on January 2, 1869, the lamp blew up, having injured the managing director of the police officer`s device. It was decided to remove the traffic light, and all safely forgot about it.

Consider that Lester Vayr was the first inventor of the traffic light. He thought up and developed the traffic light with round electric signals of two flowers in 1912. But the child did not patent the.

I consider that Johnie of Pik Knight and Lester`s inventions Vaira played the major role in the history of creation of the predecessor of the modern traffic light. But the designer James Hog not only designed the electric traffic light which was installed on August 5, 1914 in Cleveland, but also entered an additional yellow signal in 1918. The first three-colored traffic lights appeared in Detroit in 1920.

All these events took place in the USA, but in 1922 the first traffic lights appeared in Paris and Hamburg, and in 1927 - in England.

In Russia, then in the USSR, the installation date of the first traffic light is considered on January 15, 1930 - it was put in Leningrad on crossing of prospectuses on October 25 and Volodarsk. And on December 30 the same year the traffic light was installed in Moscow - on crossing of Petrovka and the Kuznetsk Bridge. Soon the traffic light was installed also in Rostov-on-Don.

Interesting facts:

B 90 - x created years light-emitting diodes of green color and Moscow became the first city in which they began to be used in large quantities.

In the first traffic lights the order of flowers was not such as now - green was from above, but in 1968 the decision of the International convention on traffic to establish around the world a red signal above was made.

the Only city in the world where still green is over red - Sirakyyus. Local Irish broke traffic light lamps, thereby protesting: Ireland (which symbol green color is) does not want to be near England (a symbol of red color). The authorities after several years of fight made the decision to change sequence (it happened in 1928).

also monuments to the traffic light Are.

The best-known monument is in London. It costs near Canary Wharf and is similar to a tree with the traffic lights installed on it, and burns with different fires. Such sight is a symbol of a rich and stormy life.

On June 25, 2006, by day 70 - the anniversaries of traffic police, in Novosibirsk the monument to the traffic light, and near it - the saluting chubby and moustached inspector was established. There is it at the intersection of streets of Sibrevkom and Serebrennikovskaya. On that place the very first traffic light in the city was installed.

Perm decided not to lag behind and establish an unusual monument to the traffic light too - the traffic light. For this purpose found the very first device from established in the city. It was cleaned and repaired. Now it is completely efficient.

To 100 - to the anniversary of emergence of the first traffic light in the world in Penza the decision to establish a traffic light tree was made. It is within walking distance from Privokzalnaya Square.

Interesting fact: in Prague on one of pedestrian streets installed the traffic light regulating sequence of pass of people on it. The matter is that its width only 70 cm, and together there it is simple not to disperse.

The international day of the traffic light can be celebrated on August 5.