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To teach to love

the Author Irina Vasilyeva

Matrimonial sex is not always ideal. Sometimes we so want that darling gave pleasure somehow on - special, and he - in any. How to force it to listen to our erotic wishes?

Many men are sacredly convinced that they in a bed to them are not present equal and that the partner is happy with everything. How to inform of our bed requests Casanova and at the same time not to offend him?

you do not tell council No. 1 to

in a forehead, act with hints

the Man, despite all his “machistost“, it is timid and diffident. In particular, he can interfere with your activity in a bedroom only because it contradicts its idea of itself as about “the real man who never has to dance to someone`s tune“. Besides, he to horror is afraid to look ridiculously, here and refuses to play with you in the doctor or the nurse or to embody other your erotic imagination. Therefore it is necessary to speak about the desires carefully. Better not before intimacy, and in time: at the excited man the head is disconnected, and he does not think of the categories “decently-it is indecent“ any more.

Council No. 2 If to you is not enough for

something that you made with ex-the partner, do not declare it directly

Comparison with another will offend your elect, having humiliated his man`s advantage. Think up other pretext: saw at cinema, read in the magazine, imagined, dreamed … And all is even better to arrange so, as if your blessed itself threw tremendous sex - idea.

For example: “When you touched me with cold hands, I tested it! (Here it is necessary to roll up eyes, having represented mad ecstasy.) Perhaps you will make to me erotic massage an ice cube?“

Council No. 3

Address not reason of the partner, and to it … a libido

For example if you dream to make love in the car, and the partner against, do not dissuade him supposedly “on this country road of people is not present, one hares jump“. As if by the way include in the car a disk with erotic music, and it is even better - the story or the novel in which there are love scenes. It is the strongest stimulator both for men, and for women. And gentlemen are excited not only by scenes, but also reaction of the partner. The passion to a sensuality is considered “exclusive“ male weakness, and at the subconscious level they want to divide it with the woman.

Council No. 4

apply the principle More often: “Less words, more action!“

your man does not love talk on sex? Anything terrible. Without words explain what you wish. Direct his hands to “a hot zone“, show, how exactly you want that he caressed you. Many ladies hesitate to do it - are afraid to seem dismissed, however polls show that most of men are instantly brought from “immoral“ behavior of the partner.

Too most concerns also poses. You like some one position? Do not begin to sort out the relations, just undertake an initiative. Also do not forget to encourage the man if he meets requirements of you. Sweet groans of you will be the best confirmation that he acts correctly.

Council No. 5

do not blackmail your elect At all: “Time you do not want to make in my opinion, do not ask me about oral sex“

From the same series demonstrative “switching off“ from process when the partner caresses you, and you lie, having stared in the TV or in a ceiling. The similar behavior will cause aggression. Eventually, your purpose - to enjoy love, but not to arrange a battlefield in a bedroom.

Council No. 6

If the man was tired, did not sleep or something hurts it, leave him alone

For many men even cold - the whole tragedy. When the man is unhealthy, he or is not ready for sex at all, or wants to make it on - fast. Understand its position, leave the plan of sexual reorganization till the best times. But do not allow darling to get stuck in such state for a long time at all. Sex (especially passionate, with a highlight) can become that antidepressant which will pull out it from an illness or fatigue.

of the Spouse quarrel in a bed: the wife wants caress and gentle words, to the husband - sex. She speaks: “Well you can make a compromise at least once?!“ “I can, - he answers seriously, - but not in lyubv

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