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How to make sour millet cereal? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Vetkovsky district - Hugo - east suburb of Belarus, the Russian border-zone. Locals carefully store originality and unique traditions in which cultural tendencies of different centuries and the directions, from pagan rites and old belief before modern trends hardly intertwined. One of traditions - the general festive festivities of villages and culinary entertainments connected with it among which there is a sour porridge from millet.

I Expect objections what the entertainment for a holiday - millet cereal is? That here it is possible to answer... In - the first, it is advisable to try it to have a complete idea of what this dish. In - the second, nobody claims that the dish exclusively festive, prepares it simply therefore for certain porridge got on a table not only “at is sacred“. Well and in - the third, an entertainment on all village, so porridge - just the fact that it is necessary, “cheap but good“.

Pshyonka, except that she rather budgetary and national product, is extremely useful what many forget about. Millet cereal which contains cellulose and mass of vitamins well influences digestive process, strengthens nervous system and reduces excessive pressure, cleans vessels.

To make sour porridge on forces for any culinary specialist, even to a beginner. Recipe extremely simple. Everything that for it it is necessary, this millet, curdled milk, salt and sugar.

Millet surely was touched earlier. Poured out a portion for cooking on an equal table and the fast movements of the trained fingers sorted. Small zhyoltenky kernels - in one small group, black, stones and other garbage - in another. Occupation is quite dreary. Youth, as a rule, for it there was not enough patience and endurance. But all the same it was necessary to touch, skilled and patient grandmothers were quite often brought by sight.

Today whether hostesses in the end grew lazy, whether purity of grain qualitatively changed, but often millet is not touched, and manage washing. It is possible to wash out grain under a water stream, but in villages where there is no water supply system usually and water in the old manner carry from a well, treat her economically. Millet is filled in with water, mixed, then carefully merge liquid together with the emerged garbage.

The washed-out grain is put in a chugunok and filled in “syrokvashy“. So local peasants call curdled milk. Rural “syrokvasha“ - a dense jellylike product which from banks does not pour out and drops out big jellylike pieces. It is a pity, but such curdled milk is inaccessible to citizens, from milk in a package it is impossible to receive it.

Rural curdled milk so dense that it is necessary to add a little water to porridge. In the city, perhaps, this operation can be missed, curdled milk from an epicure, as a rule, and without water addition rather liquid.

As the alternative option can be skvasit and “store“ milk, but “directly“ a modern product refuses to be made sour at all. Small cunning will help. Milk is boiled, cooled approximately up to the temperature of a human body and add ferment - a spoon of usual natural yogurt.

“Nedosol - on a table“, as it is known. Salt and sugar add to porridge to taste. On a chugunok there is enough about a half of a spoon of salt and as much sugar.

Cook sour millet cereal in the Russian furnace which anybody of citizens, unfortunately, does not have. Small fire of the gas stove - not the best replacement of the furnace, but the modern crock-pot for porridge - “most that“.

The list of a festive food in the Belarusian village, of course, is not settled by one porridge. To sour millet cereal in Vetkovsky district give also other dishes, for example - potato dumplings. But about them another time.

Bon appetit!


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