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How by means of ice to keep skin beautiful and elastic? Family recipes of

All of us want that our skin looked beautifully, is fresh, was without wrinkles and at the same time felt comfortable in the conditions of contrast climate and an urban environment. I want to share natural recipes of our family which were transferred to me from the grandmother. Also my mother, and I, and, of course, our grandmother uses them. I Remember

when I was small, every summer I was sent to the grandmother to the village. They had the economy there: cows, chickens, kitchen garden and garden. But despite a large number of housework, the grandmother always found 15 - 20 minutes of free time for herself. “Himself needs to be loved if not - that who? It is necessary to look after himself that in 50 years to look, as you“, - sentenced, smiling, it. Now to the grandmother it is far for 60, but looks for about 45 - 47 years and never she looked age. And the secret is simple: she daily since young years washed ice cubes.

It did broths and tinctures of different grasses and florets, then spilled in molds for ice - and in the freezer. But ice from serum was the main secret and, undoubtedly, favourite “cube“ for it.

Serum is the watery liquid received by milk ferment for preparation of cottage cheese or cheese. When cottage cheese is thrown off in a gauze, liquid can be used in the culinary and cosmetic purposes. It contains the main share of lactose which at preparation of cottage cheese separates and passes into serum. Also it is rich with calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin B.

the Recipe 1

Ready serum can be bought

in some supermarkets today or to prepare. It is much not necessary therefore only 1 liter of milk is enough for me. We add 1 spoon of kefir to milk, it is possible also sour creams (or ferment if such is available for you). Then we put on a plate and we warm up milk, but we do not boil at all.

When everything will cool down, we throw off on a colander with a gauze the turned-out cottage cheese and serum. Cottage cheese is suspended to flow down, from it it is possible to prepare cheesecakes or to eat just like that. And here we spill the turned-out serum on molds and we put in the freezer. I recommend to wash small pieces of ice twice a day: in the morning after the main bathing procedures and in the evening.

It is not necessary to wash after wiping by such ice. All useful components have to be absorbed. This recipe tones up and nourishes face skin, necks and a decollete, removes a greasy luster. the Recipe 2 Every summer we do to


preparations of various herbs for the winter. We dry them or we freeze that it was possible to do useful cubes of ice in the winter. I will write the most effective herbs and ways preparation of broths from them.

The camomile has the disinfecting, calming and anti-inflammatory effect. It it is good to wash if skin becomes problem: there is acne rash or inflammations. We fill in buds of a medicinal camomile with hot water (not abrupt boiled water, 75 - 85 it is enough degrees), we cover capacity and we allow to be drawn minutes 40. Infusion is decanted and we spill on molds. Nothing terrible will be if you forget to filter it. The camomile can be collected and dried or to buy already ready in a drugstore.

It is possible to prepare by the same way useful parsley infusions (better to use a root), of a St. John`s Wort, a dogrose (the pink and gently smelling cubes turn out). All of them tone up and nourish skin.

The most favourite recipe of mother are cubes from a calendula. The calendula , or as it is called still - a marigold, grows practically everywhere. In broth preparation we use young flowers, but if you were late for collecting, then and buds with seeds will approach too. The principle same, as well as at a camomile, the main thing, on to fill in with abrupt boiled water, but the effect … it is just fantastic. The calendula promotes rejuvenation of skin, smoothing of small wrinkles near eyes. Such washing levels complexion, gives velvet, elasticity and elasticity. She can begin to wash after 25 years.

I ask to be careful! It is not necessary to hold a small piece of ice on one place, by it it is constantly driven on face skin and a decollete. If you have a thin skin or a close arrangement of vessels, then too you should not use such recipe. If you were unwell, then these days washing by ice it is passed.

I wash ice cubes daily. I apply a camomile and parsley more often in the summer, sometimes I do ice with mint and a droplet of a lemon. In the winter I use serum more. Ice from a marigold helped me to get rid of small freckles which appeared in the summer.

I wish you to be beautiful and healthy!