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Nail extension. In what difference of gel from acryle?

Article is intended not only to manicurists, but also their clients. Not so many people know how artificial nails have to look that it is necessary to demand from the master and whether there corresponds the price to quality. Many people were influenced by both acryle, and gel. Despite absolute universality of acryle, many masters (or clients) give preference to gel. Why gels are so popular and in what their difference from acrylic technologies? both acryles, and gels are very similar

On a chemical composition and a way of hardening. As a result they form a similar polymeric lattice. Invented more than 20 years ago exactly in recent years a formula, properties and the range of gels considerably were improved and extended. Modern gels give all the best very thinly (thanks to the strengthened polymeric structure), look and are felt absolutely naturally, giving to the master almost boundless opportunities - as in classical modeling, and design.

The revolutionary technology of the opaque (camouflaging) gels allows to correct visually any shortcomings of natural nails and to considerably extend a nail plate. And the possibility of selection of gels in tone of skin of the client lifts this system on infinitely high level - you can pick up necessary tone of material which for 100% will correspond to the client`s hands. Advanced technology of covalent communication provides the strongest and durable coupling of gels with a surface of a natural nail at the cellular level, thereby completely excepting flakings! Thanks to this technology natural nails remain intact by preparation, it is only enough to remove slightly gloss a nail file of 240 grit (such abrasivity is safe for natural nails). Hypoallergenicity of gels does system universal, allowing to work even with the clients and women, most sensitive to chemicals, in situation.

What main mistakes and problems both the client, and the master can face? Main are cheap gels from doubtful producers which without special constraint are on sale in identical packings, as well as gels of the known brands. Such gels have nothing in common with quality.

The nails executed by low-quality material usually look thick, with them it is almost impossible to create beautiful modeling, and owners of such nails have problems with flaking, cracking and fading (yellowing). Also many gels, having an outdated, liquid and viscous consistence in a basis, do not allow to create the correct design and a form, to simulate beautiful arches - such nails look flat and shapeless. Strong heating under UV - a lamp - traditional attribute of low-quality gels.

with What have to be nails

Now we will consider what all - have to be the nails simulated by gel?

To pick up color of material in tone of skin of the client, we add a few color gels to the warm modeling gel, thereby trying to obtain ideal harmony and compliance of nails with the client`s hands. Optimum length for any artificial nails - 30 - 50% of length of a nail bed. A form of free edge - “skvoovat“ - it is the most universal form which suits most of clients. It harmoniously looks and in general decorates hands. The form of the smiles line was also selected according to a general view of nails - it deep, accurate and symmetric, corresponds to a form of free edge and beautifully extends a nail plate. An ideal arrangement of the smiles line - on a finger small pillow. Also it is necessary to consider that deeper smiles line will visually extend also fingers that shows to advantage very much and professionally.


Design of nails - the most interesting, but at the same time difficult aspect of work. Undoubtedly, any design looks on longer nails much better. Artly and technically thought over work very much decorates hands, gives special style and charm. Such nails should be noticed! The design can be executed on all nail, at free edge or that is most interesting and new, - various elements on each nail create a general view.

If work is carried out by the real expert of the business, then it is very difficult to distinguish acrylic nails from gel. Everything depends on your taste and convenience. Choose what will be pleasant more.