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How to make the Brazilian national Brigadeyro candies?

What we know about Brazil besides that is found in its woods “much - many wild monkeys“? Not so there is a lot of, despite hobby for the Brazilian series, general in the recent past, where in the months-long conflict honest and poor win a slashing victory over artful and rich.

Brazil is not among tourist routes, popular with Russians, because far and very expensively, and therefore Brazilian cuisine at us is little-known, in difference, say, from Italian, Greek or French. And, meanwhile, Brazilian cuisine represents unique gastronomic synthesis, the real merge of the old and new worlds.

It is considered to be that Brazilian cuisine began to arise after in 1500 the Portuguese seafarer Pedra Kabral landed on the coast of Brazil and declared the earth opened for them possession of Portugal. Though, of course, silly to think that to this historical event Indians - natives ate crude korenye and caught a mouth of insects.

Anyway, but colonialists - Portuguese, really, brought the culinary traditions which quickly got accustomed at the South American Indians to Brazil. And as it was time of revelry of sea expansion - brought and still unknown then spices in Europe, seasonings and fruit from China, India and other countries of the East.

And later, having understood that the local population cannot be used at agricultural works, dealers in “ebony“ began to deliver in large quantities to Brazil slaves - Africans whose culinary traditions also became an integral part of Brazilian cuisine.

Thus, the kernel of Brazilian cuisine has three the main components - Indian, Portuguese and African. Besides, considerable impact on formation of national cookery was exerted by numerous emigrants, a rough stream rushed to the Brazilian coast bordered with palm trees in 19 - 20 centuries.

So modern Brazilian cuisine, it is gentle - spicy, but not burning, healthy, rich, with difficult tastes and aromas, is an infinite mix of cultures, products and spices, ways of preparation and regional preferences. In San - for example, where the extensive live the Japanese and Italian diasporas, great popularity seafood has Paulo. And here Hugo`s inhabitants - the East, descendants of bandeyrant - tireless gold and slaves hunters - prefer a meat diet.

However there are several dishes uniting all Brazilian people at the holiday table and among them - darlings and children and adults of brigadeyro candy.

Is interesting history of their emergence. During World War II when traditional import goods including factory sweets, in Brazil were in deficiency, the Nestle company found an opportunity to deliver to the country the branded cocoa - powder and condensed milk. By the way, condensed milk is very loved in Brazil also today.

Resourceful Brazilian confectioners mixed three available ingredients - oil, cocoa and condensed milk in certain proportions and received the amazing delicacy which became a favourite national dessert at the exit.

The name is connected with a name of the Brazilian military pilot Eduardo Gomez consisting in a rank whether the corporal, whether what other commander - generally, “foreman“. After war he ran for presidency twice, and for support of his political companies these candies which are free of charge distributed “áðèãàäåéðîñ“ - Gomez`s supporters, - on meetings and “meetings with the population“ were widely used. The president it did not become, and here Brigadeyro candies received improbable popularity which they will remain to this day.

And now, actually, the recipe which is extremely simple for preparation in house conditions.


condensed milk - 1

bank butter - with 1 tablespoon

of cocoa or grated dark bitter chocolate - 4 tablespoons

the chocolate topping “vermishelk“

So, we will begin.

first step. In a small pan to mix condensed milk, butter and cocoa (chocolate).

Step of the second. to Deliver to a kastryupk on average fire. Constantly mixing, to bring mix to boiling. To lower fire to a minimum and to cook, stirring slowly, about 8 - 10 minutes. At first weight will be liquid, but then will thicken to a state when she can be collected conditionally in whom.

Step the third. to Remove from fire, to cool and put in the refrigerator approximately for an hour - until weight does not become suitable for “molding“.

Step the fourth. Hands slightly to oil and create balls of the size of a walnut. If weight too stiffened - it does not matter, in a few minutes at the room temperature it will become rather plastic. To roll in ready balls in chocolate “vermishelka“ and again to clean in the refrigerator.

It is possible to store Brigadeyro candies at the room temperature - next day from above it is formed as - a crust that emphasizes gentle creamy texture even more brightly.

In “balls“ can roll up a nut or some sukhofruktina, but in classical option of it do not do.

Instead of confectionery topping can use shredded nuts, cocoa powder - but it will already be not absolutely “Brigadeyro“ - authentic Brazilian candies are artly decorated “vermishelky“ - the granulated dark chocolate.

I hope that the candies made by own hands will be to the taste to you.

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