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What is encaustic?

the Modern world do not cease to surprise us with new art forms and creativity in which anyone of people will be able to realize himself. But there is also it that many art forms which became popular and available only today experience the rebirth. One of such types of creativity is encaustic - technology of painting about which speech will go in my article.

Encaustic (from Greek “I burn out“) is an ancient technology of creation of pictures with use of the melted color wax. This art arose more than 2500 years ago and it was known still to ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

Wax pictures got reputation thanks to the durability: some exist over two millennia! In the museums of the whole world it is stored many portraits executed by wax on a tree. The most known samples of ancient encaustic are so-called “fayumsky portraits“ - posthumous picturesque images deceased. The name was received on an oasis Fayum in Egypt where were for the first time found and described in 1887 by the British expedition. Scientists were struck that throughout centuries they did not grow dull and did not crack. Also they are first real “portraits“ in the history.

Many early Christian icons created in such equipment still keep brightness. One of examples - an image of Christ Pantokrator which is in the Sinai monastery now.

Occupation by encaustic so fascinating and fascinating that very quickly and for a long time you get used to it. It does not demand ability to draw, and here the imagination, coloring and the creative beginning will be necessary by all means. Also paper or cardboard, wax pencils and iron. Iron! You do not need brushes and pencils - they will be replaced by the small iron by means of which you will melt color wax and to apply paper. Masterpieces of encaustic are simple in the creation: we take the necessary color a wax pencil (two or three colors are possible at once), we apply on the warm, slightly warmed iron by which then it is carried out on a paper surface. Depending on what needs to be represented we carry out by all surface of a sole of the iron or only an edge. For example, it is possible to draw with a tip of the iron leaves, a grass.

The effect surpasses all expectations! Having mastered simple receptions, you will be able to create drawings of improbable beauty: fancy abstractions and fascinating landscapes. It is possible to produce by this method cards and souvenirs which will please you and your relatives.

Encaustic is very ancient and at the same time simple technology of painting which allows each person to create tremendous pictures with unusual effects. It is in power to everyone, the main thing - to get down to business and at you pictures, surprising, not similar to anything, which can be created in only a few minutes will turn out, and for this purpose it is not obligatory at all to be able to draw! It is enough to put the trifle of the efforts and persistence! One drawing - and as a result on a cardboard remain in bright wax of a moment. For ages. Wax paints do not grow dull over time and will remain for many years.