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About the Ukrainian fascists and the Russian roads of

Again to me there arrived mother. The Russian mother from “fascist“ Ukraine. And, from its West. Before once again arriving to me to Belarus, together with the Lithuanian friend, it, the resident of Ukraine, some persons who saw enough the Russian TV proved and proved that it is dangerous to go, on border the armed people in balaklava that is very dangerous. To it - the resident of Ukraine which three times a year crosses border people who only and do that watch TV proved that something at it not that with sight and hearing. Well it is fine. To me, by the way, companions on former work when I said that in Ukraine not everything is as catastrophic as we are told that I just from there returned that there is full of relatives, continually started proving that “at them acquaintances went and robbed them, robbed, beat“ etc. And, these stories unclear from what lips were transferred with such conviction, as I began to doubt whether deceive me sight and hearing and whether there are no I in what tower from an ivory: all are plundered, forced and almost killed, and I as leprous, do not see, I do not hear, I do not understand.

Well it is fine. They passed border, with eyes full of fear that here they, the armed people in balaklava that questions will be asked, not to let, to try to find out. No, it appeared, still: frontier guards on Ukraine - the Belarusian transition are polite, with open faces and without joint stock company atilt that everything is somehow not so terrible...

Whether reminds the present majority, the Russians and Ukrainians anyway divided into two camps, children small and unreasonable either slightly mad, or just mad when are accepted in all seriousness, furiously and violently to prove, in mass media or in personal contact, the exclusive correctness and righteousness and the devilish nature of an adverse party? Unless it is not obvious to it, as the Russian, and Ukrainian mass media place obvious emphasis on on what it is favorable, giving to the best advantage what is necessary, emphasizing and exaggerating one events both shading and muddling events others and what just there is a war national, war sacred, war of INFORMATsINNAYa where OBJECTIVITY of events and giving of these events interests nobody, and interests only to show devil essence of the opponent, having exaggerated, having slandered, having muddled? That is, there is an obvious, gromkovoyny, obscuring brains exchange of information attacks, on the person and belts are lower - anywhere, and there is practically no truth, the truth and objectivity in such war, it interests nobody?

Unless millions from us, every evening, do not listen, having opened with amazement mouths to these mass media - whether it be television or the favourite website next morning to start proving, and more true to retell, how the learned lesson, what they so well remembered - learned, with such heat and heat as if they peddled this old stuff, got to the truth, but not to them, having pressed the secret button on a temple, enclosed the next portion of “truth“ which they on - pioneer bear further in the moved-forward empty box?

When speak about some - Russian or Ukrainian - the truth and start hotly proving something, to me becomes and it is ridiculous and sad that at first wants to be regretted - to explain unfortunate in what they are mistaken, then there is a wish to knock them painfully that came round therefore to kill because such amount of nonsense which is given for some exclusive truth normal, trying somehow the person can simply not think and analyze, to take out...

“Now here with the daughter were going to go to have a rest back to Ukraine! Guard! Went crazy! People are kind! The child was released to the country where fascists, Banderovites and there is a war!“ - as one kind woman shouted.

War of dy - but goes. Only all the rest not absolutely is true some, with rich imagination of companions.

Let go. Let the daughter to join for a moment, will touch society which fights for the freedom and independence. It is sometimes more terrible to live in the country where there is no war. For example, in present Russia...

For the present moment crossed Belarus - the Ukrainian border on transition the Horyn - Udritsk in the opposite direction. All road was exasperated by some, seen enough the Russian television woman: “In the same place war all right! we will not be killed?! Will not rob?!“ Did not kill yet, did not rob and that it is worse, were polite, in a face automatically did not shake and at parting even smiled.