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And you did not forget that in September elections to Moscow City Council?

Imagine such picture: you go somewhere by the train. The road is long, and your fellow traveler invites you to play a chess set. You agree, you love this game. Your new acquaintance gets a board, places figures and declares that he will go white. You are indignant a little, say what should be played, but he declares that now such rules. You waved a hand on this eccentricity, and wait for the first course. Your rival does the course: its queen from an initial position, jumping through the and your pawns, eats your castle. You round eyes. You declare that it not by rules that the queen so does not go. Your rival says that he defines rules, and now the queen can go and so. You do the similar course, but the opponent declares that you so cannot go. Rules changed, and now you should have no queen at all. And to move the pawn directly, the consent of all passengers of a compartment is necessary. You refuse to play such chess, and the rival with the triumphing look declares everything that he honestly beat you. Here so current elections in Russia look.

It is difficult to present, but still a year ago elections of the Mayor of Moscow were the main subject of the Russian news. Having been frightened of success of Alexei Navalny which nearly left in the second round with the protege of “United Russia“, the power decided to stop beforehand completely “game in democracy“. The law under which for promotion of candidates of the parties which did not gain 3% at State Duma elections (a crumb from a lordly table “Yabloko“ for loyalty) should gain 3% of signatures was adopted (there was 0 earlier. 5%).

But nevertheless we tried. We are teams of candidates from “not system“ (i.e. real) oppositions: Yanauskasa, Lyaskina, Sable, Naganov, Romanova and others. Personally I was in Vladislav Naganov`s team and at us was 17 - y the constituency (Perovo, Sowing. Ivanovskoye, Yuzh. Sokolinaya Gora). For a start we participated in Sobyanin “Primaries“. Generally, in normal political systems of primaries carry out in party in order that on elections it was represented by the most worthy and popular candidate. But at us everywhere and always a special way. Our “primaries“ were necessary in order that candidates of “United Russia“ on the real elections could say that they “Candidates of the people“, referring to the fact that they “won preliminary elections“. Many oppositionists refused to participate in this circus, but we decided to use this opportunity for legal propaganda and increase of recognition of the candidate. We went on all yards of the area, talked to people, found out the most significant problems of inhabitants, distributed Populyarnaya Politika newspapers and our leaflets. We were less than 10 people, volunteers who are working for free in the free time and about thirty thousand rubles collected by donations. Against us there was all power administratively - command system: councils of veterans, social securities, policlinics and schools, justices and ZhEKs worked for the candidate of the power; meetings with voters at schools and palaces of culture (guess, for whose account) were provided to it, stuck its leaflets on each entrance, and ours - janitors at once as soon as we left accurately broke... And still on primaries our rival did not gain even such number of votes how many it was required to collect signatures for registration! It collected about 2100 votes, and signatures it is required in our area 4300! By the way, across all Moscow this barrier was broken by only 2 candidates of the power. while to come to a site and to vote to the voter psychologically much more simply, than to leave someone the passport data, the address and a sample of the signature! Many were afraid... We occupied 3 - e the place, having conceded to the candidate of the power Smetanov and the director of local hospital of the same party in power which almost did not conduct campaign in the area, and just her many locals knew.

Further, we had 2 ways: to try to be registered from party “Apple“ which declares values close to us and has the similar program or to collect 4300 signatures (actually about 7000 were necessary, taking into account inevitable marriage and cavils). We tried to be registered from “Yabloko“, but the party not for this purpose received such tip from the authorities to nominate those who are objectionable the authorities. Almost all opposition candidates were “pumped over“ by this set, instead of them the were nominated - to nobody the famous supernumeraries, obviously chanceless.

And here in 3 weeks we should collect 7000 signatures. To ten volunteers from whom 5 - 6 gathered every day. For 3 hours a day, after work and before dark. Total - the 225th person - hours. On 2 signatures a minute to everyone! To tell that this task was impracticable - to tell nothing. We collected about 200 (3000 more were collected by paid collectors apartment round). Also you would see as you collected these signatures! The vast majority of passersby simply pass by, do not see us and do not hear, wave away, as from importunate flies. Perhaps, everyone 10 - y will take a leaflet (more often that through 10 meters to throw out it in a ballot box), everyone 100 - y will stop, to talk. Everyone - y will put 1000 the signature. At the same time from the last at there is almost no everyone 1 - go with itself the passport and he, certainly, does not remember the passport data.

Here so the quest “looks now be registered at elections“. At the same time it with ease there pass candidates - “Murzilka“ which collectors of signatures nobody in eyes saw, including candidates. The Murzilka are necessary for creation of visibility of “alternative“ elections, under the law it is necessary to choose from several candidates. In it almost only difference of current elections from old - good Soviet traditions.

So come 14 - go September to elections, dear Muscovites! You are looked forward for every possible approval of a policy of the party and the government there. Other option of behavior is not offered to you. To anything to you it. Perfectly you understand everything.

P. S. Despite all this which - where independent candidates by miracle slipped. For example, in the district No. 9 Yulia Galyamina stands. If you are registered in these districts, support them!