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How to make hough with horse-radish? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

In the Belarusian remote place say that even the dullest cook will not be able to spoil a good piece of meat. And it is valid how it is possible to spoil a dish which recipe “was ground“ for centuries and still passes from father to son? To receive permanently excellent result, it is not necessary to invent anything new, it is enough to do of all as grandmothers and grandfathers did. Boringly? But it is tasty! Hough with horse-radish - fine to that an example.

In brief the recipe “living“ in the neighborhood of the Belarusian city of Volozhin following. Cooled (well defrozen in the natural, not violent way) pork hough on a bone and with a thin skin is grated with seasonings with salt and garlic to leave alone for couple of days in the cool place. During this time hough will well be kept waiting, and further there is no place more simply. Marinated hough is cooked to readiness, cut on large pieces and given to a table. Where horse-radish? It is given together with hough as hot sauce.

Preparation of mix of seasonings for marinade is begun with salt. On its one average hough the full tablespoon “z kaptury“, i.e. with a hill is required. The spoon of salt is poured out in a pan and add to it “øìàò“ (handful) of seasonings of all grades which grew in a kitchen garden in the summer.

Why “grew in the summer“? Because earlier in the summer hough was not cooked. It today in a century of refrigerators and epicures meat all the year round on our table. In former times pork was a seasonal product. In the summer of pigs cared and cherished, and only with cold weather approach they turned into meat and fat.

What grasses - a make-ready grew and now grows in kitchen gardens of Belarusians? The first - “kalyandra“, it a coriander. In the summer it dries and rub together with “kmeny“ (caraway seeds) and fennel. Such mikst on hough the spoon, and in general - how many the soul will wish leaves approximately, it will not spoil taste.

Still add couple of pinches of a fragrant basil to a pan, approximately as much garden “shaggy“ mint and a melissa. Two - three large garlic gloves, “the tsar of seasonings“ as he was called by Pythagoras, clean, pound in small gruel and too send to mix.

Except house seasonings, modern peasants use “civil“ spices which do not grow in a kitchen garden, but are on sale in shop. It is a carnation, black pepper, a turmeric, ginger and a marjoram. Though them also call “civil“ by tradition, overseas spices which first spread as medicine, became habitual and national for a long time. Nevertheless their share in mix for pickling of hough significantly concedes to house preparations.

Pan contents with spices are carefully mixed and frayed hands until seasonings “will start up juice“ and all weight becomes damp and uniform. You should not hesitate or be afraid to dirty gentle handles. Spices smell is delightful, work with them gives a true pleasure.

When mix of seasonings is ready, grate with them hough. Slowly and carefully seasonings literally hit in a surface of meat and a thin skin. That grasses and spices got into hough more deeply, will not prevent to make several superficial cuts and to fill them with mix.

The hough grated with seasonings is matured in the cool place as it was already noted, by two days. Today it is simple, the excellent cool place under any weather conditions will be for hough in the refrigerator.

The pickled hough is spread in a pan of the suitable sizes, filled in with water and cook hour one and a half or more on slow fire. It is fine if there is an opportunity to potomit it in the furnace. Readiness is determined by an easy way - having pierced a fork. When hough is ready, it is got from broth and, having waited until it cools down, undress on portion pieces, trying to cut so that each piece was with a salets.

It is quite simple to make horse-radish for hough, using the meat grinder and, as means of “chemical protection“, an ordinary plastic bag. The horse-radish passed via the meat grinder is filled in with hot water, add to taste vegetable oil and salt, after cooling - vinegar. Very often horse-radish is painted over beet.

Bon appetit!

P. S. I will not keep... I will cut out an important secret... Prepare with mood, and then not only you will not spoil meat, but you will make the real masterpiece with which you will please all house!


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