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How to remember many words and objects?

Happen situations when it is necessary to remember a quantity of words, objects, names in the necessary sequence, without being guided by visual or written hints. It can be required at examinations, performances, negotiations and in other situations. To someone such ability can be useful just to make impression during the holiday or in a circle of friends and acquaintances. How to learn it?

quite simple mnemonic system (a way of storing) which will help with it Exists. That it began to work, some efforts of you will be required. Let`s assume that at this stage you are interested in ability to remember 20 units of information.

1. Creation of a mental support.

the First stage creation of a mental support for further storing will be b>. For this purpose it is necessary to write consistently figure from 1 to 20 and to leave the small place for schematic drawings near them. One sheet of paper for this purpose quite will be enough.

Now it is necessary for each number from 1 to 20 to think up that at you is associated with it and to draw with a row small drawing. For example, unit at you is associated with the word Aladdin - draw Aladdin`s lamp near this figure. We take number two further. Personally at me it is associated with a negative mark at school. And I would draw a board and a pointer. Thus, it is necessary to make drawings to all numbers from 1 to 20. It can take up to 30 minutes. Further this support will serve you so much how many it is required.

2. Storing. Now you can take

20 various words and it is very easy to connect them at the level of visualization with your association. For example, the first words “house“. In our system the number one is associated with Aladdin and his lamp. Our task - to connect association and the word which needs to be remembered, in one image. The communication will be more unusual, the easier it will be remembered.

How it is possible to connect Aladdin`s lamp and the house? Perhaps, you wanted to build the house and rub a magic lamp to realize this desire? Then your image - the house appearing directly from a magic lamp. Draw mentally this image and remember it. As it is very unusual, you easily remember about the house when it is necessary to call a subject at number one.

At number two the word “Yabloko“, let us assume, got. If association - a blackboard and a pointer, present that on a board instead of chalk the bit lies.

Use the imagination. After small training you will spend no more than several seconds for creation and storing of the image connecting number and the word which needs to be remembered.

3. Extraction from memory.

At this stage you connected words which need to be remembered, to associations on 20 numbers at images. You do not need to remember words. If to you call numbers, you will be able to remember the associations to them which you prepared, remembering just mental basis. And at once in your imagination magic images on which you also remember proper words will emerge.

By means of this method you will be able to call all remembered words not only in direct, but also upside-down, and also to call any word chosen at random.