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Magic power of a smile

Each person for maintenance of internal harmony and the subsequent distribution of this harmony needs small pleasures outside. They support each of us, give feeling of presence in this world.

The most important not to make these pleasures the drug. And necessary condition of good mood. Otherwise will always be whom to reproach with the sour physiognomy, briefness and even with some failures.

Personally I love when in the house fresh flowers. I like to watch the good movie. I like to walk, even alone. I love good coffee and those thoughts which inevitably arise behind its use... It is some special coffee atmosphere which influences in a unique way my thoughts.

But there is one pleasure which unites all of us, is not dependent on a way of life, habits, thoughts and preferences. This pleasure can be presented and received instantly. This pleasure is absolutely free and unceasingly. This pleasure is voluntary and public.

It is a smile...

The real, sincere smile directed in anywhere to the world, towards to each person. They say that even artificially created smile is capable to improve your mood. I somehow made experiment. Once I went down the street and just smiled. I did not even look at the people passing by me, I did not address the smile to someone specifically, I gave it to the WORLD. But at the same time I noticed that those passersby on whom I did not pay special attention paid the attention to me! And all smiled to me in reply! And I from it wanted to smile more and more! I forgot then where I went. So I was carried away by this occupation. As magic! As return to the childhood.

For some reason for us it is unusual. When the stranger passing by watches the first that comes to our mind - something with me not so at us. I have something on a face, a spot on clothes, not an order with hair.... Generally something bad with us. Often even the thought does not arise simply to smile in reply.

And the smile is a great thing. We are too shipped in the affairs, we are too exacting, first of all, to ourselves, and in the second - to the people surrounding us. We do not forgive ourselves mistakes, we look for minuses and defects in relatives instead of seeing remarkable and unique quality of that person who is nearby. To tell it about it. Or not to speak, but to think, and power of our thought will surely inform of this joyful trifle in the Universe, and the object of our supervision will surely feel light in itself, even without understanding from where it undertook!

I often heard in the address that I am very smiling person. Pleasantly, healthily, from understanding of it the smile upon the face only becomes wider and is late for longer time. Just I do not see the reason not to smile. Or rather, I do not see a problem in once again to smile. Though, watching photos 3 - 4 year prescription, times of university, I drew a conclusion that then I smiled more often much more widely... Cannot be that the frequency of a smile decreased with everyone lived year...

And still it is easiest way to be to useful other people, the world in which you live. It is the best antidepressant absolutely harmless and as it is possible to be convinced easily, never-ending. It is that gift which you do not lose if you present to his another. It is that skill which everyone has to have. Regardless of education, a kind of activity and life priorities.

And this experiment with a smile radiation by definition has no uniform chance of a failure. There monasteries of the winner are in advance prepared for everyone!