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How to prepare shaltibarshchay? The refreshing soup for hot summer of

Hot. Yesterday the thermometer on sunny side showed … +44! And it - at us, in Karelia. Naturally, in such weather any, even the most tasty piece does not climb in a throat. Holodnenky …

Here I also remembered that cold milk plums soup with which once we in Hungary were treated. However, there was it … About thirty years ago. Therefore except that soup had a quite good taste, pleasant, and a dish - refreshing, anything else I do not remember. Whether to subject milk to preliminary thermal treatment? Is not present? Whether to add to it some spices, for example, cinnamon? And flour? And how many?

Generally, I got into the Internet. Where instead of the Hungarian cold soup also found this shaltibarshchay. National Lithuanian dish. And as I read about it … And understood - here! The fact that on this heat it is also necessary to me.

The first. the Dish most it is working - country. Simple. Simpler does not happen. Only let it frightens nobody. Simple in cookery - not a synonym bad. On the contrary. In cookery the same rule, as works in other spheres of our life: all ingenious is simple. Here and to I shaltibarshchat it belongs fully. It just from those dishes that are simple to genius.

The second. As well as the majority it is working - country dishes, shaltibarshchay there is enough syten. On a hungry stomach not only to sing and dance. To work - especially, hard.

Well, and something from the very beginning prompted to me - tasty. Tasty this culinary product of the Lithuanian people. It is already third . And fourth : it - cold! Just what the doctor registered. On such - that to weather.

But! As usual all. You will read … “Ur - rya, Ur - rya! Yes we them, these Lithuanians, will shower with caps“. And you begin to prepare … Here - that from some dark back streets is also got out on a great wild world by ravines about which nobody wrote anything.

Shaltibarshchay - same if to shift to our flavoring reference points, cold beetroot soup on kefir. And in beetroot soup that the main thing? Correctly! Beet. As you will make beet, such shaltibarshchay and will be at you in a plate. Therefore the ultimate goal - to cook beet tasty.

And for this purpose:

we select Root crops about one size. That all of them cooked at the same time. Also there was no it that somewhere it is dense, and somewhere is empty. One root crop is already ready, and to the second still to cook and cook …

we wash All root crops. Well we wash. But it is accurate that (a skin - its kozhurka) not to damage the top cover of beet. We do not cut off either vershoks, or backs. I do not say any more that we do not clean beet before cooking. It type self-evident. All this for this purpose that juice beet in the beet remained, but did not flow out in the course of cooking through any wounds and damages in water.

we put the Washed beet for cooking in cold water. That beet kept the color and remained juicy, it is possible to add a half of a teaspoon of sugar on liquid liter to water. Water in a pan with beet should not be much. It itself closed root crops and - enough. If in the course of cooking the part of liquid evaporates, from time to time water should be added.

needs to Cook beet on slow (the slowest!) fire at the closed cover.

That already cooked beet was easier to be cleaned after hot water from a pan was merged, root crops should be filled in with cold water (the more cold, the better) and to allow them to stand in it minutes 10 - 15. And if someone does not like that characteristic smell that costs in kitchen when cooking beet, with the boiling liquid it is possible to put a crust of black (rye) bread in a saucepan.

beet, depending on the root crop size, of an hour to one and a half Cooks. Plus-minus. To check whether it is ready, it is possible by means of a toothpick, a fork or a knife. If any of these objects easily enters beet, it - is ready. Only, it is not necessary to stick beet with them each five minutes. And once - quite.

So. Beet cooked. On kefir liter we have enough couple of average root crops. But it is better to weld with a stock. Weather forecasters do not promise fall of temperature so far. So it is quite possible, we will prepare shaltibarshchay not only today. And that tomorrow - the day after tomorrow time not to spend …

So far beet cools down, we wash the three small or to steam of average cucumbers and decent (grams on 70 - 80) a bunch of fennel and green onions. We cut cucumbers small cubes, greens are small cut. From a chopping board we pour everything in a pan in which we are going to prepare shaltibarshchay. There we add also the beet cut approximately in the same cubes by the size as well as cucumbers.

In separate capacity we pour out standard, liter packing of kefir. We add to it a half-glass of low-fat cream, well we mix everything. Generally, Lithuanians dilute kefir with water. But they can afford it. As tell my unchecked sources to operational information, they have a kefir - to 9% of fat content. We have the maximum fat content of kefir - 3,2%. So why not to make our dish a little sytny? But if who thoroughly counts calories or for strict following to traditions, can dilute kefir with water.

Diluted, salted, vented properly and poured in kefir in a pan where the cut cucumbers, beet and chopped greens already lie. Already in it again everything was mixed and put it in the refrigerator. Let all our ingredients will give the flavoring notes to the general orchestra of a total dish.

For now shaltibarshchay it is drawn, we clean 5 - 6 potatoes and we put them to cook. We do the same with approximately same amount of eggs. The second cooks quicker, than the first. Therefore by then when potato prepares, eggs we will already manage to cool, clean and cut each of them on two halves.

We merge water from a pan with ready potato and we display it on superficial portion plates, near each of which we put a deep bowl. In it from a pan that we got from the refrigerator, a ladle we spill shaltibarshchay. In each bowl we lower two halves of boiled egg and near them we drip a sour cream tablespoon. Plus - a spoon and a fork to each eater.

Yes, here such shaltibarshchay! It is at the same time eaten also with a fork (hot potato), and a spoon (cold beet soup on kefir). Originally. At the same time both spoon, and fork. Cold soup and right there - hot potato.

That a dish simple - we remember? Therefore besides salt and greens - any spices. We do not add oil to potato, we do not strew it with greens. The second and is a lot of in soup. In the same place and sour cream which is not worse than oil at all.

Here such it, shaltibarshchay, simple, but original, very tasty and irreplaceable during a heat. Probably, the same can be told also about the people that thought up this dish. Which as could seem at first sight, simple and not especially pretentious, but very original in the culture for those who would like to understand it, reliable and irreplaceable for the friends and neighbors.


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