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Whether children have to help the parents?

Are bad when children grow, in fact, at dependents, getting used that they in everything are served by parents. Not that trouble that it is load of parents - many parents are glad to this loading, trouble that such children are not capable to take care of themselves and remain children even then when all around them already matured. Who needs such armless and irresponsible man when he, in fact, still the child? Who needs such woman if she is not able to watch the house and cannot make even a breakfast?

It is good when parents accustom children to elementary self-service, and it is excellent when after this they teach children to care for all family. If in a family the cheerful and kind atmosphere, for the child to participate in the general cooking - pleasure. Together with mother to cut cheese and cabbage, to light a plate, to display spoons and forks on a table - the most fascinating game and at the same time a pride subject.

Usual difficulty here not that the child cannot or does not want to help parents, the main difficulty is more often here that to mother more simply and quicker to make all most, than to organize the child, to explain all to him, to direct, learn and liquidate consequences of its mistakes and not skill - and all this is inevitable. Each head meets this difficulty: it is simpler to make all, than to train employees and to delegate to them the affairs. However the good head is obliged to do it, respectively, it is necessary to accustom itself, to teach itself to it and mothers.

So, the first stage in training of children for adulthood - children step by step master self-service. The second stage - children help parents with the common family causes. The third stage - cooperation when children participate in the common family causes on an equal basis with adults. And the final stage - a maturity when the one who was before a child undertakes family affairs and if necessary will organize adults to itself to the aid.

When children help parents, the main responsibility and the main work - on parents. As the moment in education, it is normal, but as an image of family life - it is wrong. It is correct when parents can already submit children all main family cases that children undertook it and coped with them. On the house children have to work, but not parents, just as in the company carry out current affairs employees, but not the head. The good head - the one who can do nothing and everything will happen in the company without him. Good parents - those which can rely completely on children, not worry concerning household chores, but everything will be made.

So, not children help with a good family to parents, and parents have to help children. In a good family children undertake all fundamental household chores, and parents them only admire. When it occurred - our children really matured.

“Mother, listen to me, now I will not help you with household chores. I discharge you of household chores, all will do I now, and you at me will have a rest, walk and be engaged in the health now. You will help me when I ask you for the help? Thank you for the fact that you taught me to everything!“