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What to eat in the summer to keep beauty and health? Fibers, alcohol, honey and seeds of

Summer - a desired time when many of us are sent on leave, hoping to spend unforgettable days by the warm sea. Unfortunately, rest in itself is not a synonym of health and good mood. Far from a home of vacationers sometimes trap unforeseen troubles, it is possible to cope with many of which, adhering to simple recommendations about a diet.

What will help an organism to get rid of the “annoying trifles“ capable to spoil all holiday?

1. Fibers and a quiet stomach

As a rule, excess weight proves a round tummy and “social“ accumulation on each side. But sometimes the stomach is blown up absolutely for other reason.

I do not know what you thought of, but I speak about digestion violations which can lead to an abdominal distension and other troubles like headaches and problems with skin.

The reasons of violations can be much and if all is serious, then without the aid of doctors not to manage. But, maybe, matter in a lack of vegetable fibers, rough, but useful to digestion? Try such products as brown rice, a celery, cucumbers and carrots. They not only supply a stomach with fibers, but also bring excess of estrogen out of an organism.

2. Honey and an allergy


It is noticed that local honey helps to get rid of an allergy. Scientists did not understand yet how it occurs. But on one of theories honey and the parts of pollen which are contained in it, as if train an organism and adjust it on an allergenic background, certain, characteristic of the concrete place.

Of course, honey is generally sugar with all that it implies from this troubles. But if you are able to afford to eat sugar at least sometimes why not to replace it with honey?

3. Alcohol and calories

it is difficult for h2 to present to

rest without wine or beer? Well also do not represent, drink on health, but choose low alcohol drinks. In them there are less calories, so they give more chances to keep a beautiful figure.

For example, the small small bottle of 330 ml of nonalcoholic beer will constrain about 65 calories while in usual beer their more than 135. The reason in alcohol, which caloric content - 7 calories on each gram. Almost as much, as in fats. Carbohydrates and proteins in general “have a rest“.

Why not to refuse alcohol in general? It is possible, but why to you such torments on vacation? If decided on good undertaking whether it is better to postpone it until the end of holiday?

Many sources claim that small doses of alcohol are useful for warmly - vascular system. Just dilute it with liquid. Also you will not drink much, and you will provide an organism with moisture that on a heat is just necessary. If managed “to touch“ - eggs, broccoli and onions to you in a plate. Any products rich with sulfur will help.

4. Seeds and nutritional value

Fruit and vegetables, certainly, are useful to

. But how to be with proteins and irreplaceable fats? It is impossible to refuse them. The spoon of seeds considerably will enrich any fruit salad. Semyon not only a source of protein who will allow to get rid for a long time of hunger torments, but also the concentrated source of vitamins, vegetable fats and minerals. For example, seeds of pumpkin are especially rich with iron and magnesium.

Kind health and pleasant rest!