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What to eat in the summer to keep beauty and health? Protein, water and porridges

Summer holiday is not only sea surf, inaction, fun and romantic acquaintances on the beach. Summer holiday - a stress for the organism forced to adapt to unusual conditions. Help it to cope with changes, having provided to all necessary.

1. Protein and brilliant hair

Hair consist substantially of protein. If noticed that hair grew dull, lean on dishes rich with protein. The first that comes to mind - egg. Really, egg with its 80 calories - a fine source of protein moreover and vitamins D and B12.

You do not love some egg? Try to replace hated soft-boiled egg with something less traditional, for example, on a fritata. Did not help? It does not matter, not eggs uniform... In the seaside countries it is full of fish and seafood dishes. Here where the real well of protein, and - with the most different taste.

One of the best products which will help to return to hair gloss - a salmon. Protein, irreplaceable fats, selenium, zinc and vitamins - the salmon will provide everything.

Consider also that separate grades of sea fish contain a lot of iodine, the substances necessary for regulation of activity of a thyroid gland. On the sun it is important.

2. Water, the sun, velvet skin and a snow-white smile

Rest on the beach can become the reason of dryness of skin and wrinkles. Most of vacationers knows that the miracle cure against it is on sale continually. It is very useful to sip water from a bottle for day for skin. Enough water daily will help it to keep beauty.

But do not cost “in execution“ healthy recommendations to drink a lot of water at once, carrying out “obligatory“ procedure. Kidneys will at once undertake excess moisture and will quickly relieve of it an organism. If to drink slowly, moisture will be removed together with then through skin. It is possible to calculate the norm, proceeding from the following: the healthy organism needs 30 ml of water on 1 kg of weight.

Sometimes, being afraid of an adverse effect of an ultraviolet, some vacationers try to protect themselves from sunshine completely. Extremes are always harmful. A little sun is necessary for an organism as the organism receives only the tenth part of vitamin D necessary for it with a diet, all the rest (poor) develops itself under the influence of sunlight.

The lack of vitamin D affects ability to acquire calcium and, as a result, on a dental health, bones and immune system. To ensure enough so necessary vitamin, it is enough to carry out on the sun at least on 10 - 15 minutes three times a week.

3. Kashi and having a snack

Extra kilos show extreme resourcefulness, trying to get into our organism and to spoil a figure. One of openings - our having a snack on the run. There is pie, here a chocolate...

To get rid of persuasive aspiration something will help to have a bite porridges. Yes, porridges are useful not only in the winter morning, but also summer. They slow down energy release, as a result the feeling of hunger comes later.

Using the seasonal menu, porridges it is possible not only it is more tasty and more attractive to make, but also to enrich with nutrients. Just add to a plate with porridge a handful of fresh berries.

Often a stress volunteers to have a bite desire of an organism. For example, fear to be late or an overload cares. Try to find the reason to get rid of a persuasive habit to calm down, throwing an organism unnecessary calories.

Try to switch attention. Go to walk on the embankment or be engaged in a make-up. It is quite possible that the desire to have a bite will disappear somewhere.

Kind health and pleasant rest!