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Weakfish - a sea trout.

are a report after successful fishing of almost ten-year prescription. Now, after my sons scattered, and grandsons still small, I almost do not catch fish in the ocean. But it is pleasant to remember.

Late spring in May I floated the boat and we began to leave for fish in our Raritan Bay (15 miles of long and 8 miles in the widest place) or floated further to the open ocean. Everything depended on that what fish pecked both where and that weather since sometimes my sons rocked to sleep allowed.

What fish pecked at present I learned from the weekly The Fisherman, watched reports of other fishermen on the Internet.

Weakfish - a sea trout one of the most tasty sea fishes who are caught in our corner of the world therefore I always monitored reports of other fishermen - whether came across to them weakfish.

And here at last The Fisherman reported that the trout came to our Raritan Bay. I already few weeks tried to find it, but came across only single 14 - 15 inch (35 - 38 cm) that too is quite good, but ridiculously to come back from sea fishing with the only small fish.

On Saturday morning we gathered. In total there went 6 people - I with the wife, also average sons with the girlfriends are older. Stopped by in Bait Shop and bought 5 boxes on dozen of sandy worms in everyone ($6 for a box). On the way to a marine bought sandwiches. In a marine so far I prepared the boat, reconstructed rods from a flounder, on a trout, children went to a boat nose. Their girlfriends caught crabs, and Mikh (eldest son) caught a snapers (8 - 10 inches of bluefish). From my marine to the gulf it is necessary to float apprx. 4 - x miles on Arthur Kill (a sleeve of Hudson). I planned to catch around Priqiess Beng, these are 7 miles from a marine, but already in the mouth Artur Kill drifted from dozen of boats. And than I am worse? Stopped right in the middle the channel, depth of 40 feet (12+ meters). I do not lower an anchor since. in the channel the Coast Guard does not recommend to do it so we will drift. While children developed the sandwiches, I got on a hook at once two worms (bite, devils) and lowered them on a bottom. In a couple of minutes - tuk - tuk. Poklyovka! Having waited for several seconds so far fish pulled a scaffold, I cut. Fish on a hook. I twist the coil very carefully - weakfish is called because weak lips also easily descend from a hook, having torn a lip. Having lifted fish on a surface, I bring under it podsachek and 17 - ti inch (43 cm) the beauty a trout in the boat. I turn around on sons. In life did not see that enormous American sandwiches with such speed disappeared in a mouth. It is less, than in a minute my sons already were with rods in hands, and in 5 minutes and their girlfriends joined them. As my duty to remove fish and to get worms, pecked rather quickly so far, I did not catch fish. In an hour the average son vytashchat 66 cm a trout of which the half-dead rabka of cm 10 jumped out. We got it on a hook and lowered on a bottom. On it pecked few times, but could not pull out. Through a couple of hours inflow turned on outflow and sharply ceased to peck. We changed the place, another, but except porgy pecked nothing. Became cold and we decided to come back.

All we caught more than 40 trout, but since by rules it is impossible to take a trout less than 14 inches (35. 5 cm), home we brought 17 trout, and returned the others to the ocean.

I cleaned houses fish (my duty too), the girlfriend of my son prepared a half of our catch on a grill and we suited a fish feast. Next day we carried the second half of a catch to our friend living in 300 meters from me, but already in other town, and we continued a feast already with friends.