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How to have a rest abroad without international passport? Easily!

Sometimes there is a wish to change scenery, to be shipped in travel outward, and there is no international passport? And there is no wish to potter with documents? An exit is! It is possible to organize a small adventure without efforts about the international passport!

Citizens of Russia with the Russian passport can visit, first of all, neighboring countries. And there it is possible to carry out rest perfectly! I want to offer the list from three most interesting, and also safe countries to which it is possible to go to have a rest without international passport.

1. Abkhazia

the Mountain, seaside country - all this fantastic Abkhazia which should be visited from - for its majestic nature.

The main sights of this small country - ruins of the antique cities - are in Sukhumi which history contains two and a half millennia. In the capital it is worth looking at ruins of a medieval castle of Bagrat, to walk on a botanical garden (which is gradually restored after war). In New Athos visit the New Athos monastery which enjoys popularity at believers throughout already many centuries. And also a local karst cave which attracts tourists with the unusual beauty.

Surely it is worth visiting at the main natural sight of Abkhazia - Rits`s lake and to walk on picturesque vicinities of the reserve of the same name.

Beaches in Abkhazia pure and people on them it is a little (though every year tourists become more and more). The majority of beaches is covered with large or small pebble.

The best-known resorts - Gagra, Pitsunda and Gudauta. The infrastructure in the cities is developed rather well, there are various water entertainments, diving, regular excursions.

It is not less tourist directions in this country at all, than in Turkey or in the European resorts as permits to Abkhazia are available at the cost.

2. Belarus

Belarus is the country attractive by a variety of natural landscapes: there are no high mountains and the seas, but it is a lot of picturesque heights, dense woods and meadows, blue rivers and lakes, unique marsh massifs. This country attracts with a set of sights as natural (there is a remarkable number of national parks), and historical - locks, the museums and architectural monuments.

In Belarus it is worth visiting such perfectly remained castles: Nesvizhsky (is in the city of Nesvizh, in 100 km from Minsk), Mirsky (in the settlement the World), which are located close to each other.

It is necessary to see the well-known Brest fortress.

One of the most interesting historical cities of this country is Grodno, to it nearly one thousand years. Here two locks, Old and New remained, the first was constructed in the 14th century.

At tourists the city of Gomel also enjoys popularity. Its main sight is Gomel dvortsovo - park ensemble which includes the well-known palace of Rumyantsev and Paskevichey, the ancient ancient settlement, a cathedral of Saints Pyotr and Pavel, some other constructions.

The best-known reserve of Belarus which should be visited, - Bialowieza Forest (Brest region), with rich flora and fauna. Also in the territory of the area more than two thousand monuments of history, culture and architecture remained.

The main pluses of travel to Belarus - close flight and reasonable prices for rounds.


the Republic shakes Kazakhstan by greatness of boundless southern steppes, extensive mountains and blue open spaces of lakes. Here antiquity and the present, east traditions and the western modernist style were weaved among themselves.

The former capital of Kazakhstan Almaty, or Alma - Ata - the interesting city which has though a short, but strange story. In the capital it is worth seeing 56 - meter Ascension Cathedral, to admire city fountains and to climb a ropeway on Kok`s mountain - Tobe from where the wonderful view of the city opens.

In 170 km from Almaty it is possible to see several thousands of unique prehistoric petroglyphs (rock paintings) of Tamagla.

Resort areas of Kazakhstan - Medeo and Chimbulak - are known for a unique combination of soft climate, majestic mountains and modern sports constructions (are located in the foothills of Zailiysky Ala Tau in 15 km from Almaty).

Those who prefers to the cities the nature should visit Lake Balkhash which is located in the east of Kazakhstan and is unique natural education. Also it is worth going hiking to Altai Mountains or to go to a canyon Charyn.

Kazakhstan can offer tourists several options of travel at once: informative excursion routes over the country, ethnic and eko - rounds, and also treatment, hunting, fishing and mountaineering.

And it is not all list of interesting places which can be visited without international passport. As you can see, its absence should not afflict you, without it it is possible to have a rest and enjoy life perfectly too!