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How the LOVE group wrote down one of the greatest albums of 1960 - x “Forever Changes“?

Last time I left LOVE group in anticipation of record of one of the greatest and at the same time the most failure albums in the history fate - music. These are today musical critics call a plate of 1967 of “Forever Changes“ a standard of psychodelic fate, but then the public did not estimate it...

it is difficult for i to believe

, but this brilliant record took place in a situation completely deranged. Almost all musicians by the time of record very densely sat either on a glass, or on drugs. The leader of group Artur Li even admitted that, having listened to an album later half a year, he did not learn own voice.

The merit is that the album everything is was born, in many respects lies on those who wrote down it - Paul Rothschild and Bruce Botnike. Songs were so good, and participants of LOVE are so bad that Botnik decided to rescue a situation, having invited sessional musicians. It had sobering effect on Li and the company.

Bruce Botnik:

“Musicians sat in studio and listened as someone another writes down their songs “Andmoreagain“ and “Daily Planet“, and it lit them. They cried, having understood that they should collect the strength and to write down an album“.

Ken Fossey, bass player: “We stuck to

separately from each other while we were not gathered in studio. And we wrote down all in three days“.
the Name of an album was born

thanks to history which Li heard from one of the acquaintances. When that left the girl, she indignantly uttered the classical female phrase: “You promised to love me eternally?“, on what received the answer: “Well, the eternity - it changes too“. Though an album it is accepted to call “Forever Changes“, Li insisted that it is more correct to read an inscription entirely of “Love Forever Changes“.

Anyway, an album everything is took place. On it there was a set of remarkable things (“A House Is Not a Motel“, “Andmoreagain“, “Maybe the People Would Be...“), embodied the musical atmosphere of the second half of 1960 - x in all its paints.

Appointed the first composition under the name “Alone Again Or“ to a role of a shock single. The guitarist of group Brian McLean acted as the author of the song. To it he wrote music even before record of the first album LOVE, but two more years finished words. The text appeared quite sad - McLean composed it when left the girl and was lonely.

By McLean`s recognition the melody of “Alone Again Or“ was partially inspired by “Lieutenant Kizhe“ of S. Prokofiev. The Spanish motives appeared as a tribute of mother of Brian who in youth was a dancer of a flamenco.

The initial version of “Alone Again Or“ reminded folk more - fate (this a demo - record can be found on McLean`s album “Ifyoubelievein“). However sounding of a perspective song was decided “to be expanded and deepened“. For this purpose invited David Enzhel who had to make orchestral arrangement what that brilliantly and coped with. Thanks to the concerning sounds string and wind, the sad introvertny song got light shades and turned into the present katarsichesky anthem. It first not really was pleasant to McLean, as well as the fact that his vote in this song was not given properly.

Brian McLean:

“Me it was pleasant to

of b how I sing “Alone Again Or“, my voice is stronger, than at Artur, but on data Artur made so that only his vocal is heard, it does not even correspond to a melody“.

Amusing and indicative fact. The orchestra of Los - Andzhelevskoy of philharmonic hall came to studio to the record “Alone Again Or“ and long pined waiting until someone said: “If this Artur Li does not come in five minutes, I leave“. And here it appeared, perhaps sat in studio from the very beginning - the truth, being silent also in a corner.

It is clear, that in such freezed state about any tours or promotion the speech could not go. The album shining in every respect which was estimated by many critics suffered the real commercial failure in the USA and occupied in charts 152 - e the place. Not much more the single “Alone Again Or“ (No. 123) had the best indicators also.

Artur Li: “When I finished with

work, I thought that I, most likely, will die soon, and it will be my last words“.

From the song “The Red Telephone“:

Life goes on day after day. I do not know

Ya whether I live, or I assume to be.

Sometimes my so terrible life,

That if you think that I am happy, Paint

me white - yellow...

Tired Li really tried to give to himself “a gold injection“ and to die, but fortunately, it was pumped out by friends. Having recovered, he dismissed classical structure of LOVE, in 1969 let out two more uneven albums then the group collapsed again with new musicians.

D. Holzman, founder of Elektra Records:

“He lives in some other world, even it seems to me that he does not understand what he is told“.
Obstinate and unsociable temper determined by

also further career of Artur Li. In total 1970 - 80 - e years he was engaged in the solo projects, concluded and broke off contracts, arranged long pauses, and even some time worked as the ordinary painter. Generally, conducted life of the typical outsider.

The first serious advertizing LOVE at us was made by Egor Letov (personally I learned about such group exactly thanks to dedication on a cover of an album of 1990 “Pryg - skok“).

And in 1996 Artur Li got on pages of the press again - the truth, not thanks to music at all. The musician was accused of illegal storage of the weapon and threats of this weapon to the neighbor. Li was so confident in the innocence that he safely was on court... In spite of the fact that history initially was dark and muddy, it did not prevent to spend Li behind bars the whole 5 years. Only in 2001 56 - the summer musician was released from prison because of “lack of incontestable proofs“.

Whether prison history affected, whether the people ripened, but after Li`s release unexpectedly found out that his creativity is praised in the press, and the public is eager to see it at the concerts. Artur collects LOVE again and begins, probably, the most active tours for all the life.

In 2005 members of the British House of Commons on some small party decided that LOVE - the greatest group, and “Forever Changes“ - the greatest album. They even invited Li to a session of parliament.

However, the musician enjoyed recognition of the merits not for long. In 2006 doctors made it the diagnosis “leukemia“. Trying to help the colleague, Robert Plant organized a charity concert, but it did not help. On August 3, 2006 the leader of one of the most unusual fate - groups died.

D. Holtsma:

“... despite talent of the extraordinary size, tendency to isolation prevented Artur to win public. Thirst for loneliness cost it pits. And it is a shame because Li was one of the few geniuses whom I met in fate - N - a beater“.

P. S.: References to actually songs, as always, in 1 - m comments to this article.