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Than Artur Li and why he is so little-known is great? Memories of the leader of


group “If DOORS sometime became same abrupt as LOVE, I would be happy for the rest of the life“. These words pronounced by Robbie Krieger sound, at least, strange today. And then - in far 1965 - everything looked quite so.

Jim Morrison constantly lounged about under a door of the idol - the leader of LOVE - Artur Li, and that cynically remembered about it: “I - that was not going to deal with anyone“. Despite it, Li convinced a label of “Electra“ to look narrowly at DOORS. Further history is known - knows about DOORS practically any fate - the music lover. At the same time whether many heard about LOVE?

And everything so well began. The native Los - Anzheles Artur Li decided to bring together group. Strangenesses began already with what the black guy wanted to play in the spirit of groups white (!) moreover and British (!!) . As the employee of “Elektra Records“ Denny Brook neatly told, it is “on a scene and in life reminded the black American who imitates the white Englishman trying to resemble the black American“ . And Li called himself “the first Black - hippie“ (to Jimi Hendrix).

It is interesting that one of the first on listening in new group was the guy by the name of Bobbie Byyusoli who Li something was not pleasant. Odnako and Bobbie received the “five minutes of fame“ when he sat down on a dock together with other gang - Charlz Manson`s sect.

Brian McLean - in many respects the complete antithesis to Artur, the white boy - a major, well educated and widely-read was the real find for group. However, concerning racial prejudices in LOVE, seemingly, nobody took a steam bath.

Brian McLean: “We were taken by

for a ride in a car, and Johnny (John Eklz - solo - the guitarist of group - S. K.) suddenly said that it looks suspiciously - the white guy in the car with Niger and the Ethiopian!“
the group found

in the person of McLean not only the guitarist, but also the author of many excellent songs (for example, “Orange Skies“, “Softly to Me“ or well-known “Alone Again Or“).

When the group was completed, there was a question of the name. At first Li wanted to call it GRASS ROOTS (“Grass roots“), but such group already was. And here such simple word as LOVE, for some reason was not used yet.

Artur Li:

“the LOVE is abruptly, it is the best part of our life. All of us have to love each other and if it occurs, then all problems in the world will disappear by itself“.

Despite these idyllic reasonings, character at the leader of LOVE was not hippistskiya at all. It easily fell into rage, was rude to journalists and even beat at concerts public if it incorrectly reacted to performance of LOVE. Once, having observed similar tricks, Pieter Albin from BIG BROTHERS group dropped: “They not LYUBOV would need to be called, and HATRED“. at the same time at the necessary moments of Li could be the careful and charming guy.

Such shizoidnost of character was shown in everything. On the one hand, Li possessed the charisma attracting and admiring people. With another - he was a misanthropic personality. He seldom went to parties and refused to go on tour outside native Los - Anzheles (even in San - Frantsisko). It is clear, that it did not promote career of group at all...

One or with several acquaintances of Li lived in isolation in a squat on a height Lorel - a canyon. Exactly here, observing over the passing ambulance cars, he will write the first line of the song “The Red Telephone“: “Sitting on the hill, observing as all people die...“ .

Artur Li:

“I am quite closed person, the introvert. Chico Hamilton told somehow that music is on the street. But not for me. Music is in me. I also am music!“

However, in 1966 it seemed that the group is waited by the brilliant future. Their first album, and called - “Love“, was sold out in the circulation, quite quite good for beginners, - 150 thousand copies

the song “My Little Red Book“ became the First single of an album. The name was with a catch because “A small red book“ called Mao`s quotation collection - Zedong, left in 1964 and quickly become the reference book of revolutionary youth of the West. However, actually the speech in the song went about a notebook with telephone numbers where the guy who lost the girlfriend looks for a new passion.

People from outside - Bert Bakaraka and Hay David - for MANFRED MANN group wrote “My Little Red Book“. Then LOVE strongly changed it and turned into very rigid, even rough, “garage“ track. Bakaraka the fact that the group changed sequence of chords in his song very much was not pleasant, though paid tribute to vigor of the new version.

There was a unique style of group following longply LOVE - “Da Capo“ (1967), in which appeared in all the wild beauty even better. It was the real cocktail: here to you both the British bit, and folk - fate, and a psychedelia, and the blues, and baroque... That is played by gentle and refined “Orange Skies“ (“The orange sky“) of McLean (his very first song written in 17 years), “7 and 7 Is“ enters airtight (“7 and 7 is...“) which many not without justification consider as the forerunner the punk - style. Despite an apokaliptichnost of sounding and a sound of explosion at the end, “7 and 7 Is“ it is actually inspired by school love of Li by the name of Anita Billani (the name is connected with that, as Artur, and Anita were born on March 7).

It is necessary to tell that girls were one of the main sources of inspiration for group, and in this plan the name LOVE was quite justified. So the song “She Comes in Colors“ (“It comes in color“) - a peculiar dedication to the fan Annette Farrell who came to concerts of group in bright Gipsy clothes. Well, and already song will become an inspiration source for ROLLING STONES group - their well-known hit “She`s a Rainbow“ will be born.

The whole two remarkable songs - “Stephanie Knows Who“ and “The Castle“ - Li wrote when he met with 18 - to summer Stephanie Baffington. However, when these songs registered, the girl was already in other embraces - Brian McLean`s embraces. Will begin to fall in love with one girl at the vocalist and the guitarist bad tradition, and the friendship will crack on seams. Nevertheless, thanks to one more general beloved - to Andrulla Moreno, the fine song “Andmoreagain“ written by Li and McLean in common will be born.

Some critics consider that stylistic uncertainty and ruined group. To take, for example, “Stephanie Knows Who“. What it is a psychedelia, the jazz, a waltz (under which, however, especially you will not dance)?

Songs LOVE often appeared cunning twirled. It seemed that the composer just follows whimsical flight of the muse. As a result the rhythm, a melodics and style could change easily within even one composition. There were also searches - so all second part of a plate of “Da Capo“ was taken... one composition which was interesting unless in respect of experiment.

Strangely enough, this album gave to group the first and last hit for all career - above-mentioned “7 and 7 Is“ (No. 33 of the USA). Though the best record LOVE was still ahead...

P. S.: References to actually songs, as always, in 1 - m comments to this article.