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Where there was the first battle of World War II? Defense of post office in Danzig Emergence in Danzig of the Polish establishments residents felt

as if they a splinter in the gentle place and activity of these establishments in every possible way opposed. About any friendship or cooperation with Poles of the speech could not go. Danzig, being formally independent, slowly slid the same course, as all Germany.

In the city the nazi party and even the gaulyayter appeared. Nazis in the majority sat in the city senate and in people`s assembly. Almost all residents dreamed of reunion with Faterland.

On the other hand, and Germany which in 1933 was headed by Hitler demanded return of Danzig and elimination of a notorious Danzig corridor more and more loudly. Claims of Germany for the free city were the most important cause of deterioration in the relations with Poland. From - for them on September 1, 1939 began germano - the Polish war which developed, eventually, into World War II.

One cannot say that the broken-out war was unexpected for Poland. Germano - the Polish relations with evidence worsened. All this was followed by escalation of hatred which was broadcast by the German mass media. The German newspapers constantly printed materials about atrocities “polsko - the Jewish communistic bandits“ in the Danzig corridor inhabited mainly by Germans. Knowing passionate love of Poles to Jews and to communists, now you read it with irony, despite chilling photos of the real victims killed or the shot people. However, as it became known after war, the most part of these episodes was “fulfilled“ by SS-men. Just as the main occasion to start military operations - attack on radio station in the German border town of Glyayvits.

The Polish military understood that introduction of troops in a narrow corridor between two German territories will not lead to anything good. In case of the beginning of military operations these troops will be crumpled by simultaneous blow from two parties, from the West and from the East. Therefore the plan of input of the Polish troops in the Danzig corridor only in case of the beginning of military operations was accepted. The blow had to be struck in every way in the direction of Danzig. It was supposed that Danzig at the same time will be taken within 6 hours. During this time the Polish objects in Danzig had to hold the fort. On Vesterplatta the garrison which was there has to defend. Defense of the Polish Mail was assigned to civil workers and reservists. All of them had informal military training. At the end of August defenders of post office received the weapon: manual machine guns, guns, grenades and rifles.

In turn, the German population of Danzig prepared for storm of the main points of the Polish presence in the city. In the city there were two regiments of local police armed with the automatic weapon and machine guns and supplied with armored cars. These two regiments were created from SS-men, both local, and secretly arrived from Germany. By the beginning of July the plan of storm of post office was developed. From the point of view of military, occupation of this building did not represent big problems. The staff of police was opposite, both buildings were divided only by the area.

At the end of August it became clear that wars not to avoid. Entered the Danzig bay as it was told, “with goodwill visit“ the cruiser “Shlezvig - Golstein“. Its main objective was in case of the beginning of war to suppress resistance of the Polish troops on Vesterplatta. With volleys of this cruiser at 4 hours 45 minutes mornings World War II began on September 1.

At the same time storm of post office began. Germans disconnected electricity and telecommunication in the building of the Polish Mail. At this time inside there were 43 persons. To them read the order: to defend the building of 6 hours, before approach of the Polish army. They did not know that on August 30 the general staff of the Polish army made the decision not to storm Danzig. So defense which they undertook was unpromising. However they defended 17 hours.

The first battle of World War II showed what will be all this war: cruel, ruthless and irreconcilable. At first Germans stormed the building of mail groups of infantry under cover of armored cars. Poles cruelly shot back from machine guns, threw coming grenades. Firing of the building of post office from 75 - mm of tools of success did not bring. As well as all houses in the central part of Danzig, the building of the Polish Mail was built wonderfully well. As they say, with the German validity.

To five o`clock in the evening Germans managed to blow up the building. Defending went down to the cellar and continued to shoot back. Then flame throwers were put to use. The part of the Poles holding the fort burned down alive. Among the victims was and 10 - the summer adoptive daughter of the watchman of the building. Germans burned it when she tried to get out of the burning post office. At seven o`clock in the evening of 28 people defending the building were given to Germans. Several people managed to run away and hide from Gestapo men.

The begun war showed the brutal person and after the end of its first fight. Under laws of Germany defenders of post office were the civilians showing resistance to the German troops that is guerrillas. Guerrillas should be executed. All 38 defenders of post office of Danzig were sentenced voyenno - field court to death and shot on October 5, 1939. In total under the law as it is necessary, with the German thoroughness. The mass grave of defenders of post office was found only in 1991.

In 1979 into the square in front of the building placed a monument to the post employees defending the building of the Polish Mail in the first day of World War II. The author of the monument from stainless steel executed in rather symbolical manner, the sculptor Vintsenty Kuchma (Wincenty Ku ć ma).