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How to cook a fish soup on - Buryat? Baikalo - Irkutsk sketches of

during our trip to Baikal was at us fine tour on the Baikal islands on the high-speed boat. I will tell about the excursion slightly later, and today I want to excite your appetite. The matter is that was included a lunch in the price of excursion, and as you perfectly understand, such action on coast of Baikal cannot do without fresh-caught fish fish soup in any way.

However, unfortunately to take part in the fishing, even we though fishing-rods it is proud did not manage to admire masterful work of the pro stuck out behind a boat stern, sometimes even blocking from us some next, but from it not less memorable look. The matter is that our helmsman at dawn left by the boat in boundless distances of “the nice sea“ and brought about ten small, grams on 100 - 150, graylings. We learned about it only on the bank of the island of Olkhon where we moored with two purposes: first of all, to examine the cape Burkhad, and it is not less pleasant to have dinner.

So far we climbed hillsides up to receive the next charge of cheerfulness and to satisfy the insatiable curiosity, and then went down to coastal line, on the pebble beach, on the place, specially allotted for similar picnics, the firewood brought from the continent already cheerfully burned. In a kettle, worldly-wise and turned black from the soot which fell to its lot, the scooped directly from the lake the purest in the world as local ecologists assure us, natural water began to boil. By the way, water was not only fantastically transparent, but also remarkable on taste.

We returned to the most necessary moment, the sacrament of transformation of crude products unattractive externally into the delightful dish which gave us pleasure, as on the tastes, and awarded us with excellent aroma began.

I though love the fish soup cooked on a fire, was not quite familiar with subtleties of its preparation therefore I with curiosity watched actions of the guide Ekaterina who temporarily turned into the cook.

Water began to boil, and at once struck me that three laurel leaves were thrown into it, in the naked boiling water, - never similar heard about anything. Explained to me what Buryats do quite so, and it was necessary to raise hands up: I want to understand how they cook a fish soup, but not to challenge their receptions!

At once after a lavrushka everything departed to water: three cleared potatoes cut on small cubes, two carrots just in the same execution, the big bulb crumbled on small pieces, and all grayling. Small fishes, unlike vegetables, were cut at most on three parts, and the majority - is simple - naprosto cut across and all.

Minutes ten rough boilings, the salt spoon thrown into a soup - and fish soup is ready! But that the deity living in Baikal was not angry with us, in an ear put out the big burning brand.

Surprisingly, but it was not simply edible, and there is enough - is tasty. There was a lot of fish therefore broth turned out rich. Vegetables for such short time cooked in some way, the smell of bay leaf was absent. Perhaps, the Baikal water in it played a role how you think?

In end of a lunch we drank tea with the tasty gingerbreads made on coast of Angara. Generally, day came to an end on very and very pleasant note.


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