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“And in the bottom of the Edelweiss and Dead Head division“. From where these lines?

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B “hall“ to me were lucky to listen which - which of those who is called bards now, and also those who were deprived of talent to sing the verses and which just like that read them with bigger or smaller expressiveness on artless motive. Conditions of these “Tuesdays“ were simple - no more than one guest in an evening and a minimum of repetitions, only, if magic read or according to sung very much captured all.

The man of average years, with as it seemed to me, a tired face on a visit came to that memorable evening. The guitar in hands spoke clearly that it is the poet executing the verses on with own hand written music.

- I present you the talented poet and the performer Mikhail Ancharov, - the hostess of the house spoke.

At that time I was absolutely still young, twenty years are that age when romanticism in the head prevails it is necessary to all therefore when the first chords sounded and the strong voice started singing: “Parachutes rushed …“, I was already completely obedient and when heard everything about the Hitlerite divisions which were at war in the Caucasus surrounding for me disappeared.

In the head gradually and precisely as nails in a snaryadny box, were driven words: “Also the Lord told: - Goshka flies, the blagushinsky ataman, a skull is punched, the parachute is punched, in blood its automatic machine“. And I distinctly saw already elderly person, our commander of group of beginners from alplagerya “Alibek“, one of the best pre-war climbers of the country, the Honoured Master of Sports on mountaineering Alexey Aleksandrovich Maleinov who told us surprising things about war in those mountains where on one of mountain meadows our camp was set up. From his lips I also heard names of these German divisions “Edelweisses“ and “Dead Head“ about which the person with a guitar so penetrating sang. Ever since this song a rusty nail got stuck in my head, I also managed everyday to forget the author in vanity, and here about parachutes was not forgotten in any way.

Everything that occurred further that evening, in my memory did not remain, I could not depart in any way from those images which absorbed me.

I do not know how many passed time, but here transferred me the complimentary ticket to general run of the play “Theory of Incredibility“ in theater of Yermolova. Places appeared in the dress circle, in the first row on the left side. To the people gathered much though nobody broke theater and in passes did not stand. In the text of the play there were several songs, and so on run they directly from a scene were executed by Ancharov. He stood in the left coulisse and when according to the scenario the song had to sound, was pushed a little forward that the audience saw it, and under own accompaniment, sang, then again disappeared in the coulisse.

That day I already also looked at a scene, without coming off, and listened attentively. What occurred on a scene was interesting, but it is very unusual. Perhaps, therefore there was a play not really long.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to meet more Mikhail Leonidovich, but when books which author was Ancharov came across to me, I acquired them without all thoughts.

Only then I realized that it was the surprising person who outstripped the time. The prose writer and of course, the poet - certainly, the playwright - no doubt, but also the fantast and the screenwriter (according to his scenario the first series on domestic television were put “Day after day“). So that he is a writer? Yes, without any questions it was admitted in 1966 to the Writers` Union of the USSR. But he soon after war graduated from the Moscow art institute of Surikov and was engaged in painting all the life. So it means the artist? Yes, there was it and the great painter.

Ancharov was a many-sided person, simple transfer of what he managed to make strikes: he the first began to write and sing author`s songs, delivered the first series on domestic television, at Surikovsky institute taught the way of drawing invented by it, he is the author of the basic new direction in fantastic literature.

Finally I want to cite one of performances of Alexander Gorodnitsky who using words from Ancharov`s song “We bloodless war champions“, told: “ One of champions of bloodless fight for human souls and hearts, fight which steadily continues was and remains Mikhail Ancharov “.