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Whether it is useful to know the future? All of us at least sometimes wanted to learn

that waits for us. This interest accompanies the person throughout all history of his existence. This desire is expressed in campaigns to astrologers, fortunetellers, clairvoyants. Let`s set aside aside a question of that now, it is how real by means of other people to learn the future, and we will talk about how this information can affect life and destiny of the person. If the future is drawn by


we Will assume, the person learns that his further life will develop very successfully and he will manage to achieve the desirable objectives. From this point he becomes dependent on the forecast and does not assume that in any future there are many various options of events. And many of them can be realized depending on actions in the present. As the person becomes dependent on one option, believed in the forecast, he begins to consider that this forecast will automatically come true, and already represents himself in the desired future.

However not everything is so simple. Such situation is far from reality. Imagine two different states. In one of them you put all forces in achievement of some result, do everything possible and hope for it, and in another - consider that the destiny itself will present it to you on a silver platter, dream of it and do not even notice that some of the major situations in which it was necessary to make efforts already passed. How you think in what state easier really to reach the treasured purpose?

The knowledge of positive events can lead to illusion. In this case this knowledge will lead to decrease in motivation.

If the future is drawn negatively

A what occurs if the person learns that it is waited by something unpleasant? As in the popular movie “Shirley - Myrli“: “I see you in a wheelchair, the beauty …“ in

As a rule if the person everything is was engaged in guessing or went to the corresponding expert, he a priori will believe in the forecast. And will wait for it. Not important, correct it or not, our expectation has property to come true, as well as all we are afraid - to materialize. This phenomenon is called “the self-executed prophecy“.

Even if the forecast wrong, is already started one of destructive mechanisms which will increase probability of its realization. And at the same time it is necessary to remember that at the future there are a lot of probable lines of events and a lot of things depend on us even at the adverse forecast. However whether the person who believed in the bad forecast thinks of it?

And whether there can be a knowledge of the future useful?

the knowledge of the future Can (to be exact some tendencies, more or less probable) to help the person to be improved, develop and not to turn on destructive mechanisms?

Probably and, and it can be both positive, and negative forecasts. In - the first, matter in how this information moves. If when granting people to information understands that a lot of things depend on its efforts, the forecast is not absolute (even Vanga predicted events with an accuracy of 80%, in other 20% she was mistaken), then it can promote activization of its personal efforts. Big art is to give information so that it was on advantage. Most likely, very small part of the people working in this sphere owns this art.

In - the second, the relation to the forecast, than the forecast is more important.

Thus when information moves and perceived adequately, it can become incentive to positive changes. Therefore, the question of knowledge of the future conceals in itself many reefs and it is necessary to approach it with all care.