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How to learn to enjoy life? Begin with the main thing - from ability to happen one

Loneliness - it is heavy, sometimes is intolerable and destructive for an organism. The loneliness for many comes to an end badly. And here some time to be alone - is just remarkable! It is so useful that having learned it is correct to happen alone, you practically open for yourself the road fortunately. As I, for example.

Yes! No more no less, namely so - ability to happen to one laid the foundation of my true independence, validity and self-confidence, full-fledged life with all her pleasures. Heavy minutes I do not address for a consolation that is - to nobody not in burden. And in general, “The right to happen to one - the most fundamental of all rights and most of all valued civilized people“. Brandeis (Brendeys).

The moments of desire to be alone at me arises much. It is a lot of. I with pleasure would live one, and all other people on the planet would be nearby, but in the parallel world. Sometimes would come on a visit. By the invitation, of course. And for a while. Alas, it is impossible, and I had to learn “tasty“ and to happen correctly to one and to get on with other people in society.

“To call something by the true name, means - to operate it“. It is not the quote, it is Ursula`s thought of Le the Head Department of the Penitentiary enclosed in the hero of “Wizard Zemnomorya“ and in me too. A bit later I made of this thought a certain practical grant for “true recognition“ of a situation. Really works and helps. Called by the true name a situation, and the situation as if by magic changes in the best for me the party.

You judge …

Wants to be alone because It bothered


… Make that, descend there, beat here, correct lop-sided, tint, glue, put everything on the place, take out garbage, clean ware and wash up it, do not drink beer, will be enough already to smoke - throw, urgently write some peyzazhik for a gift, make - children the third day (!) wait for five (ten) frames for photos (and why not the third month?) your turn to conduct the grandson in a circle... Again - put everything on the place, sort the blockages …

Strongly wanted to be alone! And strongly fell into a reverie: nobody pulls, forces, asks …

I Turn on the filter of a true name to the desires and I continue to dream to a logical conclusion to understand an essence.

... It is absent at all, the house - ruin and desolation, I am a dirty half-drunk semi-artist (better - a nedokhudozhnik), nobody needs peyzazhik and a framework too, ware it is not visible from - for mountains of garbage, I sleep in blockages instead of a bed, everything is on the places - “somewhere here“, lop-sided already it seems equal - drank up the remained beer, and the next beer will not be - money came to an end … in

Horror! Is not present, I will better have a rest a little and I will continue to sort the blockages from sketches, sketches, records and cuttings from old magazines. By the way, if there are no blockages, then will not remind. He - he. Good idea.

Want to be alone because They bothered at work

were Bothered … Make that, make it, come by the beginning of the working day, leave - upon termination of, do not arrange blockages - to you to rake, do not abuse a relief - he is a person too, the advance payment cannot be five days a week, and final settlement too, cannot normally talk to customers - then be silent, remarks are accepted, defects - are eliminated, desire of the customer - the law …

Strongly wanted to be alone! And strongly fell into a reverie: nobody pulls, forces, asks …

I turn on the filter of a true name to the desires Again and I continue to dream to a logical conclusion.

... I do not work - all the time I have a rest, the chief accountant brings money home: “Tuk - tuk, and money is necessary to you?“, some customers come directly home and serve themselves - draw and smear with paints, money leave much and leave very quietly not to wake me … Is unreal

! Here I will have a rest a little and I will classify everything: to production - healthy relations of production, to “a human factor“ in the form of clients - healthy mentality, attention to brothers on shop - a necessary minimum.

Once again - the moments of desire to be alone arises much. It is a lot of. And it is not obligatory with such pronounced and almost grotesque contents. Sometimes there is a wish not to run away from someone, and just to stay with itself alone. Besides that you are not angry, and mentally you embrace and you kiss the world on both cheeks.

But when there is a wish to escape and by that to have a rest, it is even worse, than loneliness. The more you are tired, the farther you dream to escape. A logical conclusion - parting.