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How to make the Serbian bread for a pogachitsa?

Ya it was absolutely shocked, the first time having tasted this bread. Very gentle, air structure, unusual to the domayena - a festive look, fragrant and gently crackling crisp, creamy (well, just as at toasts) a crust taste... It was culinary shock...

It is natural, the desire and the decision to cook this bread were spontaneous, uncontrollable, firm and irrevocable. Since then I baked this bread more than once, the love to it remained same disinterested and devoted, but... It I try to date cooking for guests...

Well effectively unusually to serve the Serbian bread in the whole bukhanochka - a floret and not to cut, and to break on accurate pieces - lepestochka of which this bread also consists. And my self-interest that when you give for guests, for itself there is at best one piece (well, it in the best, almost fantastic case), usually at the husband from a piece you pinch off... And only you will be lost in day-dreams to eat more and more... and the hlebushka - that any more is also not present! Came to an end! And it seems tried, and even enjoyed, both managed to dream and to be disappointed and to be delighted that was pleasant to all, and here to you a such prize-winning bonus - oops! And you have a visibility of a waist on the place, and will power plus character: well kept, did not hvatanut still a piece (and if would not stay, would not eat everything yet - did not calm down...) .

To put it briefly, it is necessary to use cunning that, as they say, both wolves were full, and sheep thought that they are whole. And let it is not the most dietary product on light, but it is yet not an occasion to refuse to themselves such pleasure... well at least sometimes... well at least one piece... well, persuaded... Today - Serbian hlebushka, tomorrow - charging! Zametano! I fly on kitchen!

We take : 2 glasses and three quarters of a glass of wheat flour, 10 g of dry yeast, 1 teaspoon with a sugar gorochka, 1 glass warm (37 - 40 degrees) milk, a half of a teaspoon of salt and grams 70 - 100 kindled butter (it is possible to replace with margarine). Greasing requires 1 yolks and sesame sunflower seeds (at will or to special trembling love and preference, it is possible to replace with poppy or caraway seeds).

We begin with the fact that in warm milk we fill yeast and food for them (for yeast) - sugar and 2 - 3 tablespoons of flour. Properly we stir, well it is not beautiful if not stirred flour damp lumps floats in milk... let everything will be uniform, gladenko. And now it is necessary to give to yeast time to wake up, feel food, to eat and be inflated from pleasure, starting up puzyrik. Here already nothing depends on us, we made the business, our most important task at this stage - to leave a support (I, by the way, said that it quite so and is called?) at rest for about 10 - 15 minutes. If our yeast is full of life, then through this time they very visually will show it.

And by then as at us the support approaches (it is blown up and to bubble a foamy hat), we in a zamesochny bowl sift two glasses of flour mixed with salt.

Purely theoretically the support is considered ready when it rose as much as possible and without having, so to speak, physical capacity to be inflated and raise further and further, the disappointed puzyrik begin to burst and be blown off... And here - that we also have to catch for them and throw joyfully on other front of work, but... Purely practically, the condition when the foamy hat surely grows is absolutely sufficient, all look showing that yeast at us super and just strains to be in action today!

We pour them (the dismissed yeast) in flour with salt and we begin to knead dough. Dough should be kneaded to smoothness, elasticity, uniformity and to that gratefulness when it ceases to stick to hands and a table. For this purpose it, at least, should be transferred to a table which can be powdered with the remains of flour and for greater convenience and simplification of a task to water hands with vegetable oil.

And further - just as in Anjelica Varum`s song... “listen, all in your hands...“, in thoughts, love and desire. Knead, enjoy, dream... sing, eventually, but minutes present to the 10th test! Here how many pleasure you will enclose in a vymeshivaniye of the test, you are so much and so many in taste and you will receive! Fact! Even I am not going to argue!

We divide ready dough into 10 - 12 identical pieces, and we drive everyone in a ball.

Each ball is kneaded in flat cake by diameter slightly less, than the radius of a round form in which we plan to bake hlebushka (if a form we with a diameter of 24 cm, then at us have to have flat cakes on 10 - 11 cm) we dip flat cake in the kindled butter and we spread with an overlap one flat cake on another in the baking dish greased with butter - so that we in the center had hole - such dispersal and an opportunity for growth.

Such floret from flat cakes turns out. We tighten it a film and we clean for about 30 - 40 minutes for a rasstoyka, and we include at this time to be warmed an oven. That both dough, and an oven were ready at the same time.

In half an hour from our hole in the middle and there is no trace left and the floret - hlebushka blossoms and swells just like live. It is a high time to grease it from above with a zheltochok, to powder with sesame and in an oven. By 200 degrees for about 20 - 30 minutes.

I prefer to take a glass form for baking of this bread... I adore spying and to joyfully observe how hlebushka it is gilded not only from above, but also its bottom prizharivatsya slightly... here it... guarantee personally my pleasure. Well and whether it is worth saying once again that it is not necessary to cut this bread! Flat cakes separate very easily and effectively. Just like petals at a camomile (loves... does not love...). And as it is tasty!

I sincerely wish you successful pastries and bon appetit!


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