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Whether there is life after divorce?

Divorce - the formal termination (cancellation) of the valid marriage between living spouses. Whether it is so important what was a problem and served as the gap reason? Divorce happened, and far all consequences of this difficult choice become clearly visible not at once. Men and women endure divorce differently.

Much depends on the remains of feelings of the former couple. But in all gaps there is something the general: something bad and something good. Let`s try to see these the moments, general for many people, and to understand what it is more - long-awaited disposal of the tormenting problem or pain from - for losses of darling.

Divorce inevitably changes our life and thereof often there is a depression. People around after divorce can perceive you in a different way, society hangs the new status - the person divorced lonely again. Perhaps, it will be difficult to cope with the fact that some, apparently, ordinary things which became together day by day should be done now alone again. Cleaning, a visit of shop or cooking can serve as a daily reminder on the antecedents left behind. And if at these moments to remember good, then it becomes by all means burdensome. Even if there was a disposal of so-called fetters. All the same there was a habit to what is not present now. And this reminder quite often saddens minutes of pleasure. Even if you were ready to a gap, all the same will be to take it very hard.

Perhaps, often you will think: “Ah, if...“, - and to imagine the possible fine moments of yours relationship which any more never to happen. Not to test this burden until the end of life, it is necessary to follow banal advice of psychologists as soon as possible: “Continue to live and try to enjoy life again, seeing around themselves fine“. So simple and, apparently, effectless council conceals in itself a deep meaning which should be understood as soon as possible, only continuing to live and enjoying in every afternoon, it is possible to leave the past with all its burdens behind.

Often happens that family life does not leave time for any hobbies. It can be viewing of movies, reading, sports trainings or what there was not enough earlier for time, but what so there was a wish for. Estimate the situation from a positive side. Now this time at last will appear, and it can be spent for hobby or for steps to implementation of new desires, without reflecting as your former half will react to it. Even moving to other city which for certain will break all communications with the past and will force to live in the present is possible or again to build the happy future, but already of new bricks. During such period it is worth taking long-awaited vacation and to go to travel there where you dreamed long ago.

As if divorce, but it no more than the permit in new life which you will build by own rules was not painful and unpleasant. It is worth remembering that yours life goes on, and around so much interesting, beautiful, fine. And having understood it, you will be able to enjoy, at last, life fully.