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Whether extra-uterine pregnancy and what its reasons is dangerous?

extra-uterine pregnancy are Today one of serious akushersko - gynecologic pathologies. How many the women carrying under the child`s heart at the first signs of extra-uterine pregnancy “delay“ the address to the doctor? For how many women from - for it the possibility of independent conception broke? Statistical data are relentless

: on each 150 pregnant women one case of ektopichesky (extra-uterine) pregnancy is fixed. Finding of fetal egg already in itself out of the receptacle created for its development is a serious problem. However, besides that new life will not be able to develop in similar conditions, there is a real threat for health and life of the woman, and also prerequisites for repeated development of a similar situation are formed.

As there is no guaranteed technique of the prevention of development of extra-uterine pregnancy today, the woman cannot independently influence process of the movement and an attachment of fetal egg, and also to reveal without the assistance of the expert existence of extra-uterine pregnancy at early stages. Prevention of this serious pathological state should pay an attention maximum.

Gynecologists consider that observance of standard recommendations, careful sexual hygiene and timely treatment of inflammatory processes in a small pelvis in the absence of congenital pathology of uterine tubes allow with high probability to hope that the come pregnancy will be normal, and fetal egg is implanted into a uterus wall. It is worth to remember that the world practice proves a high role of the postponed abortions in development of extra-uterine pregnancy.

Pathogenesis of development of extra-uterine pregnancy is rather simple. The impregnated ovum (fetal egg) for various reasons does not get into a cavity of a uterus and is attached in a uterine tube (in any its part), leaves in an abdominal cavity, is fixed on an ovary. All reasons of similar “abnormal“ behavior of fetal egg can be divided into several groups:

- violation of passability of uterine tubes;

- violation of a vermicular movement of uterine tubes;

- hormonal violations.

Lack of characteristic clinical symptoms defines high degree of danger of this state to the woman`s life. Extra-uterine pregnancy can or not prove for the time being at all, or mask under uterine pregnancy. Sometimes there are nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, there are smearing allocations from a genital tract, unpleasant feelings in a waist. However quite often demonstration of symptoms of pipe abortion develops against full wellbeing.

In any situation when the woman allows pregnancy emergence (the unprotected sexual intercourse in the anamnesis), at emergence of the smearing bloody allocations and the skhvatkoobrazny pains pulling sometimes in the bottom of a stomach it is necessary to come to consultation to the expert. It will allow not only to learn, there came pregnancy or not, but also to exclude an ektopichesky arrangement of fetal egg.

From second week of pregnancy modern ultrasonic devices by means of the transvaginal sensor allow to visualize plodnoyeyaytso. A reliable ultrasonic sign of extra-uterine pregnancy is the arrangement of fetal egg out of a uterus cavity.

It is necessary to understand accurately that extra-uterine pregnancy can never turn into normal pregnancy, and each missed day increases extent of threat for health and the woman`s life, leads to expansion of volume of surgical intervention.

Treatment of extra-uterine pregnancy always quick. But if at early stages it is possible to correct a situation by means of laparoscopic methods, then the interrupted extra-uterine pregnancy at untimely treatment can demand broad operational access.

It is important to understand that the following pregnancy is allowed not earlier than in half a year therefore along with the whole complex of rehabilitation actions it is worth to remember also about reliable contraception that this situation did not repeat.