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Rnb, Rnb - dens - what is it?

If you though sometimes go to discos or at least watch MTV, then for certain heard about such direction as Rnb. Bright and erotic style of the best-known stars of show - business cannot remain unaddressed. Really you do not want to move the same as to Veuopsa and to become the queen of a dance floor? You want?! Then forward - on the most fashionable training!

of R`n`B is a kind of dancing aerobics. On fitness - a lesson dancing sheaves in which elements from the last modern dens - classes - hip - a hopa, funk, elements of a cardiostriptease and even belly dance are mixed forget. The last - a merit of Shakira who made Arab dens modern and available to everyone.

Rnb as rhythm and blues is deciphered. What is a little strange because dance - well very modern, youth and, to tell the truth, with the blues has nothing in common. But such name nevertheless is not casual. The blues arose in the second half of the 19th century as a genre Afro-the American folk music, and its incendiary rhythms left the print on a rhythm and elements of the dances R`n`B.

Present the hall in which girls of different age and builds gathered. Each of them dreams to become Rnb star - a densa. But is afraid that at it nothing will turn out. Or hesitates of shortcomings of the figure. And so, all fears will disappear after the first minutes of hot music. It does not happen to you? Wait! The mood corresponding to a lesson with guarantee will appear after dancing warm-up.

Under such music the ducking, the movement by a shoulder and a hand is not just elements, this beginning of plastic and sexual dance. Further - smooth attacks, a vyprygivaniye With easy and soft (regardless of weight category) a landing on one or both legs. Generally, it is possible to tell long. But it is better to try!

Plus this dancing fitness also that Rnb is pleasant also to the stronger sex not less. So very much can be that at training together with you there will be a two-three of pleasant guys. Before which it is possible to bend beautifully a back or to twist a bottom.

The first that you receive at this training, so this ability to listen to the body and to move under music. A chaotic makhaniye hands and a dryganye legs long ago not in fashion. But you will begin to dance, having only acquired plasticity and flexibility.

And for this purpose it is necessary to repeat each element of dance more than once. To take at least a wave the head is when you dive the head aside or forward. Sexually, smoothly, and not so, as if your parts of a body fasten on hinges which were not greased several years. Problems with plasticity are solved by exercises on an extension and flexibility.

Many at training suffer with hands. If it is honest, there is a wish that they were not at all. Because, having concentrated on moves and steps, absolutely you forget about hands which droop lashes down. Here the main council - to give vent to the hands. At first move them as it is necessary. Do that turns out, concentrating on the correct execution.

Enjoy life, enjoy trainings, then at you everything will turn out!