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10 useful articles about the choice of products from a natural stone. Part 1: History

you decided to choose:

the Table-top on kitchen.

Window sills to the apartment or a country house.

to Finish bathrooms.

to Make a ladder.

to Make entrance group. to begin with

C of what?

Contents of articles:

1. Examples and stories.

2. The choice of material in a warehouse if all of you - reached it.

3. Independent choice of the manufacturer and erection team

4. At what stage it is necessary to carry out measurement.

What preliminary preparation is necessary.

5. What products are more whimsical or as it is correct to look after

products from a natural stone.

6. Process of production or whether it is necessary to be present during the cutting and production.

7. Reception of works on object.

8. Architects, designers, decorators.

9. Installation works. Terms, preparation. Reception of works, signing of the act of the performed works.

10. What questions customers ask most often.

Part 1: Examples and stories.

Thanks to experience I can share knowledge in the choice of products from the NATURAL stone. For a start I will tell

several stories - examples.

History first.

The girl ordered kitchen from Italy.

the Magnificent wooden patinated facades of color of an ivory.

the Table-top from Mikelanzhelo`s marble, expensive and rare stone.

Is incredibly beautiful!

However … a working surface of a table was erased by

In 1,5 years, took a posharpanny, slovenly form in the place of the greatest use. What to do?

the Table-top needs to perepolirovyvat or order new.

Can at you there will be means on care of a table-top?

and that this time in a set did not send... I Sell to

means, and at the same time I understand that means will not make weather now, it was necessary to put them at once, and in 1,5 years of regular operation, it will be hardly possible to return, having just like that rubbed a rag with solution, former beauty of a surface.

Yes, exist products which do not demand special personal care and are not so whimsical in application, but marble for a kitchen table-top, alas, does not belong to such type of material.

Other history: the Table-top I want

from a natural stone.

has to Look as Crema marfil or Bottichino marble, but not to absorb and not to be scratched. With properties of granite...

Yes, is dream almost everyone who stops the look on a stone at the choice of a table-top. I will please with

I you! I Will tell

surely about such unique stone in the following articles.

History No. 3.

O! I am in love with this stone!

Is thumbed through a half-warehouse several days in a row.

Workers hide between slabs, having caught sight of us from far away.

Found. Hurrah!

I Bear a felt-tip pen, we draw on a sleba. Here we will have one window sill, the second here. A table-top in a bathroom. And here a memorable plate in a garden for a doggie.

Yes, what to do … Is excellent

! Works of so many days were not in vain. All are happy.

Attention: it is better for

to use when cutting as much as possible sleb, it will save your money.

Each person is individual.

Choosing products from a natural stone initially has good taste and is aimed at quality.

I Will try to focus attention on nuances and to make repair process more pleasant and fast. Because as they say: Who is warned by

, that is armed. And presently the most valuable that?

Is correct - information.

I will be glad to be to you useful.