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Whether it is necessary at a wedding the host?

Beginning preparation for a wedding, many reflect, whether to invite the host for holding a wedding. Of course, everything depends on what it will be a wedding. If it is a small wedding, then it is possible to do without leader. At a wedding with a large number of guests it will be difficult to do without it. for

For what it is necessary conducting weddings, or the host? At a wedding there are many people: different age, tastes, characters. Most often it is difficult to guests to find a common language without someone`s help. The host can rally people and make a celebration unforgettable. What

the host to choose - the man or the woman?

Can argue and give different arguments long. The man - the host - most often the ordinary leader. He is beautifully dressed, possesses a pleasant voice, correctly speaks. Many consider that male leaders show smaller interest. It is more difficult to them to be guided in a spirit of guests, they try to concentrate the attention only on active participants of action. Can use trite jokes and competitions, drink with guests, make advances to guests.

We listed all shortcomings of the leader - men. That there were no unpleasant incidents, it is necessary to secure itself. It is simple to make it. It is necessary to ask to look at videos of weddings at which it worked.

Most often now choose the woman - the host. It is considered that the wedding which is conducted by the woman will take place quietly, without awkward situations and the unpredictable moments. The woman will be able to give to wedding rituals the romantic atmosphere. She tries to pay attention to all guests, does not afford venomous jokes.

So, choosing the host, you do not hurry. Best of all communicate to leaders of different floors. Look at videos, ask whether there are recommendations, learn how long the person works in this sphere. The wedding will turn out saturated if to elect couple of leaders working in a duet.

What moments needs to be discussed with the host to a wedding?

If you decided by

on the host, then it is possible to meet it so many time how many it will be required for achievement of full mutual understanding. Even if you chose the host according to the recommendation of friends or were at a wedding which he held.

At conversation the host will take an interest in information on date of a wedding and the place of its carrying out, the number of guests and a subject of a wedding. Therefore make sketches, make the list of invited. Professional the host will ask the list of guests in which opposite to a name of the guest it is necessary to specify relationship degree, friends have other notes. For example, the childhood friend whether the colleague etc.

Should be trusted the host completely?

By no means! Many leaders do not like to discuss in details nuances, do not want to open all surprises and competitions. It is better to insist on the and to state preferences. If you do not want unexpected surprises, trite competitions, then surely in advance report about it to the host. Together make the short plan of carrying out action, having listed all ceremonies.

Report about all invited speakers (singers, dancers, conjurers) in order that the leader of a wedding could include them in the scenario. If you do not make it, then will constantly pull the leader, introducing amendments in festive action.

Now practically ceased to invite singers to weddings, most often the choice falls on DJs. Ask the host to recommend musicians or the DJ. It is the best of all to pick up people who worked together earlier. Such teams will help to turn a wedding into a magnificent holiday.

Some try to save and trust holding a wedding to the cheerful and talkative relative. Even if he will also cope with a wedding, then surely there will be awkward moments. Such leader - the relative will know on names of guests of only one party, and there are no guests of other party -. There can be an offense and misunderstanding.

The wedding happens once in life, well, in any case, we hope for it. Therefore it is better to invite the professional and checked leader of weddings to receive inexpressible feelings and unforgettable impressions. Cheerful wedding!