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Mpr is obliged to stop the Ukrainian war.

Opening of the ERA.

Protection of the Come true Opening.

belong To planetary values all knowledge and opening which open a natural origin of life in space and on Earth. Therefore, it is obliged to be under protection of culture of the planet. Opening which happened in Ukraine appeared at top of planetary culture. Opening formed a natural vector of reason of the planet. The vector is the only right program of the planet in its development and existence in a space. Uniting scientific and religious thinking, we see the uniform purpose which in aspiration to learn a life essence in different types tries to predict future. All bright minds of the past, sciences and beliefs predicted this opening. It Came true and it needs to give corresponding protection at the planetary level. The belief of the planet, this opening compares to “the Second Coming“. The science of the planet opened the new infinite world of natural information knowledge without which reasonable development of planetary culture is not possible.

“ People of Earth “ everything was understood and arranged war on the place of opening of Hera and “ Second Coming of God “.

the Problem is that People of Earth think as if they have time. The law of space time - “The law of Time in Space without heart, without soul and a body“.

Place - Ukraine. Luhansk Region of. Red Beam.

to God “ People of Earth “ do not trust, 10 - t Precepts break all, and here “ To Reason space “ it is necessary to believe. The Russian and Ukrainian lands will be covered by a wave information storm of epidemics. From information viruses there are no means so - so, the concept was not born in sciences. The field information virus will capture completely two states. Further fields of possible infections, we study. The only rescue is defined in Ukr. IEI - it is a method of tabular correction. The technology provides use worldwide. The minimum means are necessary for the center for continuation of works.

Independent IEI was organized by the pioneer, Natural Space Sign Information. Zarudny Sergey Tarasovich. It is organized 2000 but we work from the first opening day “ Code Space Information “ - 1985 - 6

new natural space system information states thanks to which there is a visible space organization of near and far space Are open. At the heart of these states codes and code tables.

concerning protection of institute of natural information. It is necessary to systematize and create institute branches worldwide. This address to reasonable people of the planet. Concerning war in Ukraine. To quickly stop everything military and games of politics. Formation of the natural information sign field of the planet is broken. The question of a natural space exchange is in huge question. If to destroy an exchange We in space will pass into a phase of temporary existence with the subsequent disappearance.

“ To Reason space “ it is necessary to trust and in accuracy to execute everything.

“ Reason space “ addresses both people and gods.

Yours faithfully pioneer.

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