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Wedding invitation the hands - whether it is real?

the Wedding are a day when courses of life of two people meet, turning into one wide road; day when two persons create the let and small, but own cell of society - a family. More than a half of brides and grooms want to share pleasure of this significant day with all relatives, friends, and at times even just with acquaintances and fellow workers.

I if the list of your guests already totals several tens people, I am afraid, this article will only tease your holiday imagination as to make a large number invitation with own hands it will be very heavy. Of course, it is possible to call to the aid friends, brothers and sisters and in general all who are seduced by idea to create though something the hands. But it is even terrible to me to present how created by variegated creators invitation finally everything will look together. And whether it will be interesting then to your assistants to receive cards which each corner and a line they know, for sure? Therefore I will try to tell in paints about the personal experience of creation wedding invitation as the number of guests at our wedding hardly approached to 10.

For a start it is necessary to decide with a color or on a combination of several flowers. Of course, it would be healthy if everything on your celebration was in harmony. Groom`s suit, bride`s dress, accessories, bouquet, decoration of the hall and, respectively, invitation.

The preference was given in my case to four flowers: green (a grass shade), yellow (lemon), pink (a saturated shade between a fuchsia and crimson) and white (to be exact, color of an ivory) which became a background.

At once I want to note that before I never did any cards by the hands. There was only an experience of scrapbooking, registration of covers of address books and albums, creations of collages for friends. Agree when you on hands already have a basis (for example, the same cover of a notebook), to start business far more simply than when you have nothing, and eyes in shop for creativity and run up in different directions. But as in the head above-mentioned colors constantly turned, the choice of any trifles did not keep itself waiting.

As a result I left bookstore in which there is an excellent department for needlework, having bought:

- paper for a water color;

- wooden beads;

- paper for a kvilling;

- glue stick;

- glue - the moment;

- acrylic paint for different surfaces;

- a brush for paint;

- a roll of krepirovanny paper;

- a set of brads.

If you have no idea at all as will look your future invitation, but all the same do not renounce idea to make them independently, I recommend to look before a visit of shop for photos of different cards - invitations in a global Network. And if you fall in love with this or that option, can try to repeat it. Or the seen examples will help you to decide at least on the design, color scale, the size used by materials.

But, that the Internet dazzles various unusual and more classical invitation on a wedding similar procedure did not help me. So, having appeared at home, I spread out all got “good“ on a table and began to put to paper for a water color which had to become a basis, that is the card. Hands reached for beads, glue and paint. Suddenly in the head something clicked, and what was in a moment thought up, you also can see in photos. I consider, it was the first step on the way to what as a result turned out. Also do not hesitate to ask council or the help the groom, apparently, in it “girlish business“. Its new view on that piece of paper over which you pored several hours will be more than objective.

However the groom and the bride are waited by the next test, an obstacle - call as you want, but actually, your new enemy is called “the text of the invitation to a wedding“. In this question one head definitely not to cope. Again connect the groom, he wants that or not. Read all versions of invitations which will be offered by the same global Network. Write out the pleasant lines and make the own text. But whatever sense of humour and the imagination you had, do not forget - to specify about the most important the place and time where guests will gather or to be carried out a ceremony.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), neither I, nor my groom own special art talents, and dreams“ our handwriting became the following obstacle in a way to “invitation, it was necessary to write the text which turned out after long searches and disputes. It is possible to resort to services of printing house, there will be able to print so-called “inserts“. But in this case be convinced that the employee taking at you the order for the press correctly understood everything, in order to avoid various incidents. In our case, I admit, it was necessary to involve the third party whose handwriting all made out and were to the appointed place and in appointed hour

in conclusion it would be desirable to note that delivery of the turned-out masterpieces - not less important point by preparation for a wedding. Only and as it seems to me, the most certain way - to give invitation personally in a charge to see delight and a smile on faces of your family.