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the world without wars: a legend or a utopia of


Most likely both. It is as impossible to present such world how to present it completely civil and without uniform trunk. Moreover, the more there is a number of a human population reasonable, the its aggression, potential probability to blow up increases more. Let`s not draw however a picture of a dantov of hell, to build forecasts for the bright or dark future, we will come back to political Earth on the earth and we will ask a question: Why the world needs such weapon and in such quantity which does not protect from anything which since the creation and seventy-year “world peace“ of any time was not applied in fighting conditions? And how many orthodoxes of nuclear control with foam at a mouth would not approve such paradigm, bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have no relation because blows were struck to absolutely peace cities and in the situation status quo ante bellum to fighting application. In - the second: whatever cruel was this action, it had character of experiment, revenge for death 6 - go fleet and intimidation rolled into one. Use of the weapon provides in fighting conditions also existence of the resisting party. For what reason of the state, both big and small are so devoutly busy with production of the weapon which and without application nuclear will be enough ten times to destroy all mankind? Whether for preservation of the world, preparation for war or fight against terrorism? Not - that for this purpose it is necessary to build superhuge and so expensive aircraft carriers, frigates, APLY which only appointment to keep watch at coast of the potential opponent, for the same purposes of armada of bombers, ballistic missiles. Answer to all three questions unambiguous: neither that, nor another, nor the third. Fight against terrorists around the world unless except China and Iran on the present it is not conducted anywhere. To them justice of all countries for the unclear reason shows touching and touching care. Remember process on the Boston business. How many years it is already conducted, and wise gudgeons in judicial cloaks all cannot decide in any way: to execute or pardon? At the same time on aircraft carriers it happens planes from time to time or smear by the deck, or by the runway as was once on “Nimitz“, “Enterprise“, boats sink or incidentally “kiss“ in an underwater state, bombers either fall, or lose “means of control“, but for 70 years “world peace“ of cases of application of these means was not on neither side. As I already mentioned

above, the modern post-industrial world not only closely approached an economic crisis of overproduction, but the last solemn march strides many years on the cities and continents. Look how many millions which are let out but unclaimed by buyers and/m, lonely stand on automotive industry warehouses. They are necessary to nobody also to them as the sunk ships are fated to turn on these parking into a rust or to be let on melting in blast furnaces. The same picture with refrigerators, TV, the personal computer, mobile phones and so forth domestic squabbles. It would seem if overproduction of production, main for the enterprise, is noted, nobody takes it, then it would be logical to stop its production. Alas, that proceeds even under a condition it would seem an absolute irrationalism. All main types of the making industry are private. And what then to do with rabsily“ to Expel on the panel? No, that if occurs, then in the minimum quantities. And here the stick - a lifesaver represented by military industrial complex with its orders, inexhaustible for these enterprises, which with big likhvy block the compelled losses comes to the rescue. By analogy as an example it is possible to cite any mine office. Any economist knows that profitable mines in the world do not exist, but GShU besides mines get pits, with an open way of mining. Once having been spent at overburden works, the pit without special loading pulls also unprofitable mines. Evident to that an example is the Kemerovo mine office. Now consider how many for these “70 years of world peace“ on a nail were started up Pilaf and not just those, and 50 thousand ton “Sharks“, cruisers, battle ships, tanks, guns, planes. Nest to that numbers as is not present to the account of means and works on them spent. And all this junk, absolutely useless for application, is intended to be only zhupely. Nuclear charges on advantage for people can be used only for stimulation of the exhausted oil-bearing horizons or large overburden works. In all the rest is absolutely useless stuff. World peace as was not, and it is hardly in the near future expected, and wars as a sign of our time of steel not only a tendency, but a way of life of people of Earth. The limiting factor of OMP to such situation is not a hindrance at all.