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How to find work in the Internet and not to fall a victim of swindlers?

For certain, many of you, received mailing groups or faced the persuasive advertizing offering earnings in the Internet. But, unfortunately, style with which it is taught only discredits idea of distant work. Any sane person, having seen the advertizing “The Old Woman Decided to Play on Forex and Earned 100 000“ at best just will smile, but in subconsciousness for certain there will be a tag: work in the Internet - deception for little fools. Though actually, everything is not so unambiguous. The Internet it only virtual display of our world with all its merits and demerits. Certainly in a network, as well as in the real world full - it is full of various swindlers. But the principle of action at them same is also calculated on human nonsense and greed.

we Will investigate, for example, the above-stated advertizing about the old woman and Forex. If to allow greed to muffle feeling of reason, then move the person the following feelings: “100 000, quite good money! I just should buy … …. And these 100 000 will not be superfluous! Deception can? And suddenly it is my chance, and I will refuse it??? No, there is no harm in trying and it is necessary to enclose that very little, it is necessary to risk!“ And as result, you will surely lose, yours let and the small, but terribly earned money. As that in a network I met by

the interesting phrase “Why suckers who were going to buy the apartment in the center of Moscow for 10 000 dollars on the TV are called then - trustful citizens?“ And not to get to this category of “trustful citizens“, was to ask itself one simple question only enough: “And from where these undertook 100 000 which were earned by the old woman?“ Nobody repealed laws of capitalism. To receive to bank of tomatoes in own juice, it is necessary to squeeze out previously juice of their less successful fellows that the old woman could receive hundred thousand, it is necessary to take away previously one thousand from hundred people. And chances to lose thousands, for you, in 100 times more, than to receive 100 000!

I Will make bold to formulate several simple postulates:

• Nobody ever will give you money just like that.

• In order that you received money someone has to give them. • Nobody will give to

money, without having received, at least, equivalent replacement in work or goods.

• The competition in a network is higher, than in the real world and earnings, respectively, lower.

If you are ready to accept them as an axiom, then you are ready to work and earn in the Internet. And for you I have a good news, it is possible to earn on the Internet! How, where, how many? It is already beyond this article. Who became interested in that I suggest to visit the specialized ru resource where you will be able will find answers to these and many other questions of work in the Internet.

And if all of you expect to grasp good luck by a tail and “to grow thin easy and tasty“, then it will be better for you to play a lottery. At least, the chance to win a prize will be much more, than chance to earn in the Internet

yours faithfully,

Evgeny Maryanov.