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And it is weak to you to jump with a parachute?

the Curious holiday are noted in Russia on July 26 - Day of the parachutist. Curious in the sense that it in many countries of the world does not stand apart, and organically is a part of Day vozdushno - landing troops.

on July 26, 1930 in the Soviet Union near Voronezh the first mass landing of parachutists under the leadership of B. Mukhortov and L. Minov landed (who, by the way, was awarded ranks “The master of parachuting“ at No. 1). And from this point parachuting began to develop in the USSR with great strides. Air amazons did not lag behind men, and already less than in a year - on July 14, 1931, from the plane fearless V. Kuleshova jumped, having set a bright example and to other women.

But before these jumps were made, there passed the set of stages of improvement of a parachute. In the beginning the mankind was occupied by one question: how to learn to fly like birds? But after “the first pilot“ Icarus suffered a crushing defeat, inquisitive people had the second question: how to make flight safe?

The first parachute was designed by great Leonardo da Vinci. Nearly three centuries before the parachute passed real test in flight flew by. In 1783 Frenchman Louis - Sebastian Lenorman made the first, so to speak, officially registered parachute jump. And, by the way, the successful term “parachute“ just was also thought up by Lenorman.

Lenorman jumped from small height - from a tower of observatory in Montpellier. And here the first rather risky jump from the big height (about 1 km) - from the balloon, was made in 1797 by Andre Jacques Garneren about Paris. And to it F. Blanshar made test, but he jumped from lower height, previously having done this trick with animals. And from the plane American A. Berri in March, 1912 for the first time jumped.

All previous modifications of parachutes were clumsy and bulky, and besides, it was necessary to use already developed parachute that, of course, was inconvenient. Many designers tried to create compact parachutes. The first this complex problem was solved by the Russian actor Gleb Kotelnikov. In 1910 when Kotelnikov`s friend pilot Lev Matsiyevich died, Gleb set the task, by all means, to create a trouble-free and convenient parachute. And as a result by the end of 1911 Kotelnikov made the first-ever rantsevy aviation parachute. It was necessary to overcome a set of bureaucratic obstacles before the brilliant invention of Kotelnikov began to be worked in a mass order.

In 1949 the village Salizi (near Leningrad) where tests of a parachute were for the first time carried out, was renamed into Kotelnikovo, and there established a monument with the image of a parachute.

In Russia the Polyot enterprise in Ivanov is engaged in production of various parachute equipment. And the largest and oldest producer in the world of parachutes is created in the USA in 1920 - it is the Irvin Air Chutes company. Sovremennyeparashyuta are very reliable - deaths happen once on ten thousand jumps (and, as a rule, from - for human a factor, but not from - for defects in a parachute).

The last three decades the parachute began to be used not only directly, but also for different types of sport, including also extreme. BASE jumping, one of the most dangerous types of entertainments belongs to the last look. Recently (in 2012) such “reckless“ act was made by the Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner who jumped from a stratosphere from height of 39 kilometers.

In the world hundreds of thousands of people are fond of parachuting. Let`s wish that did not happen to them, as in that joke when the parachutist - to the loser had to study a grant “How to stack a parachute. Edition second. Corrected“. We wish to daredevils that the jump never was the last!