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What are the feminism and the man`s movements dangerous to Russia by? Whether

you Heard something about feminism and the man`s movements in Russia? Something was heard for certain or even read. Both from women`s movements, and from man`s it is possible to meet quite bright, beautiful, clever ideas with a decent raid of ideas about justice and equality. Search engines will easily find the Internet - resources of the considered movements.

we Will consider briefly history of movements concerning the temporary periods. The extreme wave of feminism in Russia (then still the USSR) began the movement in 1970 - x years. The movement gained further development from the beginning of policy of publicity and continued the development more actively after disorder of the Union. It acted without essential competitors on the ideological soil prior to the beginning of 2000 - x. At the beginning of 2000 - x on open spaces of the country there was a man`s movement which positions itself as a counterbalance to women`s movement.

What reasons were at the first participants of feminism of an extreme wave if to consider that women in the Soviet Union had electoral rights, could take part in public life. Including took place and social guarantees from the state connected with motherhood. The domestic violence which began to increase approximately from the middle of 1970 - x years served as the catalyst. About more - less exact figures of statistics it is possible to speak only conditionally since different sources provide data with quite essential error, but the fact of growth of domestic violence does not raise doubts.

And what, in turn, served as the reason of growth of domestic violence? There is one quite interesting guess - it is start from the middle of 1960 - x campaigns about cultural alcohol intake. If this communication is not so obvious to look casually, superficially, then and, moreover, it seems even illusive and absolutely weightless. But it is worth addressing comparative statistics of crimes in years when in the USSR antialcoholic campaign was conducted and when it was not conducted (or it was conducted not really actively), it is possible to see the beautiful, increasing schedules of crimes (including and household) during the periods of recession of activity in fight against alcoholization.

Because of alcoholization of the population and, as a result, the increased criminal level in household spheres there was an initial growth of feminist moods among women in Russia. The situation was very sharply aggravated by internal political crisis of 1990 - x. Disintegration once of the uniform state painfully struck all segments of the population, on its cultural bases and further urged on rise in crime, alcoholism, and also drug addiction. Families broke up, hopes and in years 10 (by the beginning - the middle of 2000 fell - x) the generation which is denying or strongly belittling family values, often seeing violence in the family already managed to be created.

Formation of the strong base for feminist movements became result of such internal political process which exerted strong impact on society, its moral foundations. It is possible to try to discover long arguments and counter - arguments in favor of these or those postulates of this movement, but one of the main is the statement that the woman is by default oppressed in a family, at work, in society. Special attention should be paid on the word “family“. As it was written above, alcohol of a family destroys, but, strange business, search engines do not give anything distinct on demand “feminism against alcohol“ (information to reflection)...

Often, about - about - it is very frequent, women`s movements do the attacks aimed at cardinal change of properties of a cell of society (i.e. families). And yes here the man`s movements, considering that they were created as a counterbalance to feminism in Russia?

The matter is that also the man`s movements actively seek to depreciate value of a family. There are a lot of examples. It is enough to consider an official position of the man`s movement on an occasion of a legal marriage which is denied per se on the basis of the most unpleasant cases (or close to those) applications of the legislation in the sphere of a family and the family relations. However, It should be noted that the thicket can find distinct results on inquiries of a look in search engines “the man`s movement against alcohol“, but even this plus is leveled by chauvinistic installations in relation to the fair sex.

Total: we have a picture where both the female, and man`s movements try to reconsider an essence of the family relations, to change them. “Why the relation to a family is used as comparative criterion?“ - you ask. The answer lies on a surface, but demands some knowledge from area of difficult systems. It is obvious that society and the state are uniform, big system, and a family in it - a component (or even a certain subsystem).

Such concept as system, has one remarkable property - a sinergichnost (or system effect). It consists in the phenomenon when properties of the system are not the sum of properties of the elements making it. In the case under consideration system is society and the state which is inseparably linked with it. And if to summarize, then the amusing thing turns out: the man`s movement “considers“ Russia as the state matriarchal and “fights“ against it, and women`s movement sincerely believes that Russia is exclusively patriarchal state and too “fights“.

And in the final that? Both movements, indirectly or directly, accuse the state of the troubles. By the way, there was already a precedent when the similar movements were noticed in external financing (i.e. are foreign agents). Is over what to think, isn`t it?

In the times of troubles (sending to 1990 - m) society gives rise terrible chimeras which still very long time will continue to bite and sting the parent...