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What does lager differ from ale in?

“A strange question, beer it are also beer, than still it can differ? Ponapridumyvali, really... Lager - usual light beer, and ale - too usual dark“, - approximately so argues the unsophisticated fan of frothy beverage. However a saturation of color - only an external sign sometimes misleading.

Lager (Lager) and ale (Ale) - two big groups to which all grades of modern beer get. It is possible to claim with confidence whatever the exacting buyer chose, in his circle there will be an ale or lager.

In the world exists several so-called hybrid styles combining feature of both lager, and ale, but by their close examination it is possible to divide accurately on the yeast used for fermentation.

Yeast - here the main difference of two huge beer classes. Yeast for ale flokulirut (gather in flakes) in the top part of a fermentative tub. Such character at them thanks to what fermentation is called riding fermentation. Yeast of ale prefers soft temperature - 15 - 22 degrees Celsius. Unlike them, aggressive “camp“ yeast shows activity already at 8 - 13 degrees, at the same time they gather in the lower part of a fermentative tub (local fermentation).

Active yeast for lager in the course of fermentation eats everything that they will find. As a result lager contains less residual sweet and the substances determining the taste depth, than ale.

Different yeast - the main criterion, but not only, influencing distinctions of ale and lager. Each look demands various methods of brewing.

After fermentation young beer is not ready to show all the advantages yet. Ale is matured by several weeks. Process of aging takes place it at a temperature of 4 - 13 degrees Celsius. Lager is maintained slightly longer, about a month, but in “Spartan“ conditions - at a temperature close to a freezing point of water of 0 - 7 degrees.

What, eventually, turns out? “Cold“ and effective process of fermentation of lager leads to absolutely other result, than “warm“ and difficult process of preparation of ale. Distinctions between them can be compared somewhat to distinctions between white and red wines.

Lager, as a rule, this pure refreshing beer with a typical light aroma and taste. It is given by all means cooled, lager is perfectly combined with a huge number of dishes.

Ale differs in much more difficult taste and aroma. Very often it is given at the room temperature that allows to disclose all advantages most fully. Naturally, it is impossible “to adjust“ difficult taste of ale to any food therefore selection of couple is so difficult and interesting to this type of beer, as well as “pairing“ of wine.

It is clear? You do not hurry with the answer. By and large, everything listed - characteristic, but substantially “theoretical“ differences.

There is a lot of styles and lager, and ale. On taste and appearance of drink huge impact is exerted by skill of brewers. Thanks to all features to catch a difference between ale and lager happens sometimes not easy, considering tendency of some producers to show excessive “modesty“ at registration of a label.

How in practice to distinguish lager from ale? To try, to try and to try once again...

Your health!