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What is the ideal model of the crock-pot able? Get acquainted, Supra MCS - 5201

Is considered that you will not praise yourself - nobody will praise. But you are sometimes so good that you are praised by all. Especially if you are a novelty in the world of the Supra crock-pots.

So, hello! I - SUPRA MCS - 5201. In spite of the fact that I was born recently, I already well proved. Look at least at responses of buyers on the Internet (which of you at least just once did not drive in the name in the searcher not to look that they write about you?;)) It turns out that I - “the irreplaceable assistant“, “an excellent gift on birthday“, “just super device“ (whether from the word Supra?) and “ideal model““.

And what to hide, model I am really gifted. External data allow to submit all podiums of high-quality household appliances. Namely:

- attractive, very fashionable (I will well fit into any kitchen)

- I appeasable and not whimsical (thanks to lower and top it is easy for handles to transfer me from place to place);

- I take of everything the hint (ultrafashionable touch management)

- I can keep up any conversation (only I have a voice assistant)

- I will explain all, I will show and I will show (the informative color LED display).

Besides I disprove a saying about what does not happen both beautiful, and clever at the same time. The inner world, undoubtedly, too is rich:

- a high-quality Korean antiprigarny covering of an internal bowl;

- the Multicook and Multicook functions plus;

- function of autoheating, a warming up and the postponed start for those who appreciate the time;

And still I know 20 automatic and 500 functional programs which you can create, correct and write down in my memory. Whether many housewives can brag of the same? By the way, character at me too very friendly: I will get on in one kitchen with any hostess and I promise to become it the faithful assistant and the irreplaceable adviser.


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