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Whether your child should be a programmer?

In the previous article we discussed a practical advice how to teach to program the child. Perhaps, this occupation was pleasant to your child and you already reflect, whether he should studying as the programmer. What the profession - the programmer is?

the Programmer - the expert who is engaged in writing and updating of programs for computers, that is programming. The profession of the programmer is considered one of the most popular and prestigious, it brings in the high income or a salary thanks to which the situation “where to live for what to eat, put on, undergo treatment, etc.“ stops being problem. And if the company in which the programmer, large works then, most likely, it offers also good social package (insurance of health, the interest-free credits, the gym / pool, payment of the sick-list, flexible hours and another).

The profession of the programmer gives the chance of a wide choice of the place of work as in Russia, and abroad. The programmer can find work in office of any company or in special computer firms, and can work also at home as the freelancer (the freelancer is “freelancer“, that is the person who independently looks for for himself projects, it is free in the choice of the customer and assumes overall responsibility on implementation of the order).

Quite often the programmer, except the main work (writing of a program code), is engaged in many other affairs:

- planning of the working day (sometimes only the, sometimes and drawing up the list of affairs for subordinates);

- communication with customers (to understand what needs to be made);

- writing of documentation to that part of work which is already executed;

- transfer of experience to young colleagues;

- information search (happens to learn how to make something, it is necessary to reconsider a heap of the websites and books);

- observance of the schedule (in many companies the working regulations in which it is necessary to understand and adhere to it are established).

But generally kind of work of the programmer is a laborious work, long sitting at the computer behind development of a program code (software).

Whether programming by creativity is? Of course! During my study in MAI at faculty of applied mathematics the head of our group dear and honored professor often repeated that “programming - process creative“. Programming usually is divided into several levels (stages): architecture, design, realization (coding). Coding from them the least creative, but also there is nontrivial and interesting tasks. Only the one who in general plainly did not face programming or faced only the most primitive level of coding which is usually provided to the most unskilled personnel (coders) did not see creativity in programming.

To understand a difference between the programmer and the simple coder, or to understand a programming essence as creativity, it is possible so. Put 10 programmers independently to solve the same problem (to realize the project) or to write a piece of system. Yes, programs consist of standard designs, but as a result you receive 10 different programs, and some of them, perhaps, will differ radically and structurally. In this difference creativity is also concluded. For one task there is a huge set of programs which solve it. Ability to choose the “correct“ programs from this set is and there is a programming creativity!

And in several years (if this project or system work and be supported by programmers) you will see that the code of one of these programs already to unrecognizability was rewritten, the code of others lives to this day. Moreover, from it programmers could select several reusable decisions which sprout steel in all project or in its new versions.

But before you become the excellent programmer (not simply the coder), it is necessary to study you long and many. And then again to study, being already a programmer. That is continuous self-education and development of the skills of programming is an indispensable condition for work as the programmer. There are new versions of programs, characteristics of the equipment change and you always need to be aware of all changes, otherwise it is easy to lose qualification and to become professional unsuitable. The competition in labor market among programmers high, and you will be able to find really good work only if you know the business on “perfectly“. However, in it there is nothing terrible, programming can be business very fascinating, creative and favorable (in every sense).

And before studying as the programmer, be defined what programmer you want to become. Programmers are different. On area of work they are divided into system programmers, applied programmers, a web - programmers, programmers and database administrators, originators of algorithms, network administrators, system administrators, specialists in computer safety and others...

And in each this area the programmer has to have a theoretical and practical minimum of knowledge and experience, that is to study and be able to apply the main technologies and programming languages relating to the chosen field of activity. For example, a web - (or a web - to the developer) it is good to programmer to know in full: JavaScript, PHP (OOP), jQuery, AJAX, HTML, XML, CSS well with a DB of MySQL or PostgreSQL. With this package of knowledge you as a web - the programmer will be able to apply in Moscow on 150 (and more) thousands of rubles of a salary moreover will grow on career.

There is, of course, also the general theoretical minimum for each programmer. What does it include? Yes usually all that is studied by programmers several years in higher education institution or college. Do not pass below-mentioned courses, they very will be useful to you in work of the programmer.

1. Introduction courses:


of the Logician

Discrete mathematics

2. Full courses:



Operating systems the General software

of the Schedule, the

formats the Database

Network, language of inquiries of T - SQL

the Programming languages

Theory of Programming, algorithms and combinatory optimization

Methodology of development

Cryptography (bases) of

Tools (environments) of development

Applied programming

the Web - programming and the scripting

3 languages. Open classroom:

Psychology (the relation with clients, colleagues and the administration) of

Physiology (the organization of effective work) of

I a little more on requirements to mind or intelligence of the programmer. According to the conventional estimates of psychologists, the profession of the programmer demands a high level of development of intelligence. Most often such qualities as ability to abstraction and understanding of the relations between elements, flexibility of thinking, criticality, tendency to planning, the analysis and systematic work, readiness to fill up knowledge and to be retrained are necessary for programmers. At qualitatively various stages of work of the programmer (the analysis of a task, drawing up the block - schemes, splitting into modules, coding, debugging, joining of modules, documenting, maintenance, etc.) the listed properties are presented in different ratios. The programmer has to hold a set of the facts in the head, not lose sight of any trifle, try to perceive things such what they to eat, express the thoughts accurately and clearly, to know well, than it is worth being engaged, and than is not present...

Here, in principle, and all. Think, solve and you study. Progress to all future programmers!