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How to accept gifts of

Very often people not correctly treat gifts which give them. We or too are over-modest, or we say that we are not worthy it, or at all we refuse gifts. Yes, can be, gifts also are pleasant to us, but our vision of and other people, does not allow us to treat gifts correctly. Why does that happen and how to learn the correct relation to gifts?

Many diffident people are sure that they are simply unworthy to accept gifts. From where this opinion undertook? Why we consider ourselves unworthy gifts? Actually, our low self-assessment, is result of the program put in the childhood. If we heard more often what we bad, are able nothing and that we are not right, then naturally we about ourselves will have such opinion and our self-assessment will be below zero. Since the childhood we learned to be afraid of punishment, than to rejoice to remunerations. Therefore we also had such opinion that we are unworthy gifts. But it not so.

Remember for yourself once and for all, there are no people of unworthy gifts and remunerations. All of us when that did both bad acts, and good. We received punishment for bad acts, and for good nothing is absolute. But it is not correct, everything has to be in balance. Concept “worthy and unworthy“ this absolutely subjective opinion. It only reflection of how we see ourselves and other people, no more than that. If we consider ourselves worthy, we are worthy if we am not present - is not present. Take for yourself it into consideration, do not worry that you are unworthy gifts.

Of course, nobody says that your self-assessment has to read off scale, and you will begin to consider that you are worthy all gifts of the world. It is not correct too. There has to be a golden mean about which we often forget. Many successful people therefore achieved success that were able to treat themselves correctly. Remember one thought, and constantly repeat it to yourself: “I am good, but there is no limit of perfection. Always it is necessary to aspire to the best, and I will aspire to it! I am waited by success!“. When you understand it, only then you learn in the correct light to see yourself and surrounding people. And when learn it, learn and to accept gifts.

Besides our low self-assessment, ability to accept gifts is influenced also by the false statement “better to give gifts, than to receive“. Actually it is utter nonsense! To give and receive gifts equally pleasantly, it as a coin which has two parties. On the one hand we give, with another we receive. And in any way differently. Our world is dualistic, everything has two parties: black - white, pleasure - grief to accept gifts - to give gifts … One without another is impossible, remember it. Naturally to us pleasantly to make gifts, from it we take a special satisfaction. But imagine a situation that you give someone a gift, and he says that he is unworthy it. How you will feel?

A separate subject for conversation - ability to accept godsends. Very often we are not able to accept, so-called godsends, i.e. what is given us by gift, without a certain occasion. It is a special type of gifts, but it is not less pleasant. For example, we found the note of big face value on the street. It is natural before taking it, we will be tormented by doubts. And whether to take it? And suddenly someone looks for? And whether it will be correct? While we think, someone will pass and will lift the note for us. Here to you and fight with. It is necessary to learn to accept all gifts without exception and to rejoice them, in particular godsends - not so often they are. Your relation to gifts influences the reality surrounding you and surrounding people. Give gifts more often, but only in all sincerity! Also be not afraid to accept them, you are dear to those who do them, do not offend them!