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What legend is connected with the Albanian fortress of Rozaf? In the north of Albania Lake Skadar has

that separates this country from Montenegro, neighboring to it, in the place of merge of Buna and a full northern sleeve of the Drin River (Big Drin), the city of Shkoder which is considered as one of the most ancient not only on the Balkans but also in all Europe was stretched. According to historians, it was put no later than the 5th century B.C.

Fortress that rose on Valdonuz`s hills towering over the city, more young, but on the scale of the centuries which consigned to the past, not much more. In the 3rd century BC it was put here by the illiriyets controlling in those days the most part of the Adriatic coast - from Shkoder to Trieste (then Tergesta) that lies already on opposite, nowadays Italian, the seashore.

To date folklore not so easily as material heritage, but, most likely, from those old years the beautiful legend of Shkodersky fortress reached us.

They say that three brothers began to build it. And builders they were skillful, and by force, skill and patience their Lord did not offend, but It was impossible to them with this fortress in any way! Build, build And all with observance of all construction norms also governed that were accepted in the 3rd century B.C. Any there retreats or indulgences to. Brothers understood that they build not ABBA that. Fortress! Which strong walls have to become unapproachable for any enemy.

Therefore brothers not for fear built. On conscience. And all one Nothing was impossible to them. Build, build, and then come somehow in the morning And walls Failed!

Time so failed, two. Rub! Brothers also did not know what to do. And place seemingly good. On a height. Natural water barriers - the lake, the rivers, too available. Where, if not here?! Better, perhaps, and not to find the place for fortress. But, probably, not on the cards. It seems that damned this place. And nothing acceptable from an invention with a fortress will turn out. And time so, it is necessary to curtail construction and to leave, look for the new space for a building spot.

So they also left. Also there would be no Shkodersky fortress. But just when brothers already began to assemble the tool, by there passed an old man. Also he asked brothers what it they, are violent good fellows, grew sad.

Those also answer: so supposedly and so. We build, we build, and the fact that in a day we will build by the morning - in ruins. The old man looked at them, rumpled hands the gray-haired beard and says to them that it is possible to solve a problem. But decision this difficult. And not everyone will be solved on it.

Brothers also took him in hand - tell supposedly the person is lovely. Simple - not simple, it is already a question thirty ninth. Fortress - edge as is necessary. It - not only to us! To all who live in the district. To the people, generally. And here - do not stand behind the price.

Well, do not stand, so do not stand. Also the old man told them that fortress will be indestructible, in an integrity and relative safety there is a lot of - many centuries if brothers immure in its wall that from the wives which the first will bring them a lunch. But to speak to any of them about it in any time it is impossible. Otherwise nothing will turn out.

And further Farther everything, almost like and at us. Elder brothers clever were. Well, and younger You understand!

Seniors told nothing to the wives. But it is strict - strictly forbade to carry them a lunch for work. They will suffer supposedly. Will come home in the evening and here then will eat, so will eat. From a paunch Younger too told nothing

. The kid at them only - was only born. Well, the brother of smaller also counted that behind cares with the child (to feed, swaddle, rock to sleep) his spouse zakhlopochtsya and anyway will bring him a lunch later, than the wife of an average or the senior from brothers. Perhaps so it also left, do not forbid the wives to carry elder brothers to them food on building. Therefore the younger daughter-in-law, let a little was also late, but came all the same the first. Here she all was also told.

The woman began to cry, began to grieve. And what to do? It is necessary, so it is necessary. Not only it or brothers, all people Illyrian need fortress. Also she told:

- Immure. Only leave not immured the right eye, the right hand, the right foot and the right breast. I will see that the kid cries, I will shake a cradle a foot, I will caress him a hand and I will feed that there was no it hungry.

So brothers also made. And what you think? Came true told by the old man! Still there is a fortress. But since that old time the name - Rozafa appeared at it. Quite so called the wife of the younger brother. Her name also remained in memory of many generations that replacing each other, live on the Albanian earth. As recognition of great sacrifice of this woman to which it went for the sake of the benefit and safety of the people.

There is a fortress, same strong as memory of the people which it is urged to protect. And not only to protect. But also to aim. If to approach internal walls of fortress, then it is possible to see whitish begin to flow. It is considered that it is milk traces that flew from not immured right breast of Rozafy. If to scrape off from a wall in places of these potek stone dust, and then to stir it in milk and to drink, It will return to women at whom milk was gone. And they will feed the children again. And childless will surely give rise. And too will be able to feed the newborns.

Here such, interesting, but tragic legend is at old fortress that towers over the city of Albania, the fourth on number, and lies in the north of this country. Probably, Rozafa, however, as well as any young woman in labor, was the beautiful woman. And its lines were involuntarily told that to fortress that many centuries cost on hills at the place of confluence of the river of Boone with Big Drin. You do not trust? So look! Really not beautiful?.