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To clean it is impossible to leave or Why we have no culture of walking of dogs? It is very interesting to watch

people who walk the dogs in the yards of houses: the dog does the “big“ serious work, and the owner costs, having turned away, with the look speaking: “And what? Same not I. This is a dog“. But the dog belongs to the person, so, the person has a direct bearing on it. as

of the Consequence of walking of dogs in the yards are felt at all seasons of the year. The summer is a potential risk to come across the “mine“ hidden in a grass or which is frankly lying on the sidewalk. Spring - snow thawing, fall - rainfall: it is not difficult to present a picture. The winter is the magnificent snow-white landscape diluted with “bright accents“ there, here.

Especially close this problem is familiar to residents of towns in which the small yard is divided among themselves by children, adults, dogs and the parked cars. Seldom where it is possible to meet the special platform for walking of pets. Therefore owners of dogs walk with the pets in close proximity to children`s playgrounds or recreation areas. More responsible citizens look for the place far away; lazier such search of do not trouble. What can be result? It is easy to guess.

If the dog on a lead still can be checked and chosen the most suitable site, then friends of the person who are released to gambol, over the choice of the place where they will celebrate need, especially do not deliberate. Therefore often unsuitable for games are children`s sandboxes, platforms for outdoor games, and sometimes even sidewalks, footpaths in parks etc. of

the Animal celebrates need - it is his needs of nature. Where the owner, brought there and acts. But not less natural duty of the owner of a dog is “cleaning of the territory“ upon completion of process. But why this duty is not carried out? If the person does not see in it anything unnatural why not to join the canine friend? For the company. But is not present: it is possible for a dog, and it is impossible for the person. And if the pet did the affairs of the house, the owner also persistently ignores consequences? Or he all - will take measures for their elimination?

How to solve a problem with utilization, to explain, I think, it is not necessary. In each apartment there will be polyethylene (or paper) a package, and in each yard there is at least one - two garbage containers. The dog made - the owner cleaned. Here and decision. But for any reason people do not see in it a problem and prefer to pretend that there is nothing unnatural.

It is sure that in Russia there are a lot of people who responsibly approach this question and think not only of themselves, but also of others. But someone does not do it, considering that nothing will change, begin to tidy up it for the dog: others leave everything as it is. And yes such thoughts did not come to someone to mind and, unfortunately, will not come.

The mankind seeks to use the various benefits of a civilization: computers, cars, “clever“ household appliances and other achievements of scientific progress. And still is engaged in self-development, reads clever books, reflects on eternal. The person considers himself as a being reasonable, but for some reason in some simple things and remains at the level of the canine friend.