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How to make houses the summer refreshing gel masks?

in the Summer the nature generously gives us many gifts. Of course, first of all they should be eaten, saturating an organism with useful substances. Besides, fresh vegetables, greens, fruit and berries very tasty. Their use in enough by all means will affect appearance and will fill with necessary energy. But much of what grows on the earth, bushes and trees can be used in the summer and outside. To become even more beautiful. in such ways you will not surprise Any woman with

: everyone, likely, in the life tried the person to wipe with a cucumber or juice from it. Tasted both berries, and different fruit juice. Only often happens that the desire to use berry weight / juice is available, but this weight does not want to be distributed on the person evenly, and, above all: it is banal flows down from a face.

It is possible to thicken something, clay cosmetic or the porridge crushed, for example. But it is possible to make gel natural face packs, bodies and a hair. In shops so-called gel masks - are on sale five-minutes. They are put at any time, refresh and tone up, clean traces of fatigue and humidify. Are very convenient and almost always have as a part of some “natural“ ingredient. Same cucumber or lemon and you never know still? The range is big. But as a part of ready purchased masks there is a lot of and unnecessary.

Make a gel mask of the house - of those products which you prefer. Do every time new, expenses - minimum, and advantage - maximum. In the summer they especially help out as do not make heavier skin at all, do not hammer a time, refresh, quickly work and are easily washed away. Quickly and easily prepare.

It is possible to make a mask on the basis of that product which suits you. You love cucumber juice? Take it as a basis. Or perhaps tomato, crimson? It is possible to make any grass, petals of roses. To add extracts. The matchless mask for hair turns out from extracts of seaweed. Or aloe belief. Or lemon juice. There is a lot of options.

For preparation of such masks it is necessary not to be too lazy, to spend 50-100 rubles and to buy ksantanovy gum. Or guar. They are on sale in any shop of natural cosmetic additives or in shop for soap makers.

Ksantan and guar - natural polysaccharides. Are used in cookery for achievement of a dense consistence (in yogurts, for example) and are absolutely harmless. Are actively used also in cosmetology: as geleobrazovatel (thickeners) of creams, masks, gels and shampoos of house “production“. Recently appeared also special, cosmetic guar - silk.

That the liquid taken as a mask basis (juice of fruit / berries / vegetables, grass infusion, flower water, just water with an aloe belief, and mn. other) it was well thickened, ksantan (or guar) at first it is necessary to disperse, that is to mix ksantan with other powdery weight (the same clay cosmetic) or to dissolve in oil, for example (why not olive either oil of grape seed, or any other?), it is good to stir and only then to add in slightly warmed up (36 - 40 degrees), warm liquid. The option works with oil better.

Further it is good to stir everything. It is possible manually, a wooden stick, but more conveniently, of course, pass - the mixer. Lumps can remain, but it is not necessary to be nervous, and it is necessary just to put on a half-hour all this in the refrigerator: ksantan will disperse finally. Of course, to stir once again - and it is ready. All additives liquid (juice, extracts, etc.) have to be added to liquid part, after heating (it is possible just to splash boiled water, and it is possible to warm up in a microwave). All additives oil are added at a mixing stage with ksantany.

It is very good to take pure pantenol - several drops and to zazhelirovat ksantan in it. And then to add to a liquid phase. To whom to skin it is harmful pantenol? Also in the summer? It perfectly influences an integument, and also a hair surface (if you do a mask for hair), and heals, as if “smoothes down“ all microdestructions which still are not even visible. For example, dryness and burns from influence of sunshine. In all the known and checked by time pharmaceutical solar burns medicines (and other skin damages) is pantenol. It is more correct even to tell what pantenol is a basis of such means.


It is considered b that a ksantana (or a guara) 0,5% - 2% of all weight are necessary. That is if you take 100 ml of a liquid basis, then a ksantana it is necessary - about 0,5-2 mg. But “experience shows that everything comes with experience“. Here it is always necessary to me a little more. By the way, ksantan it is already possible to add as required further, to almost ready weight. If it seems to you that zazhelirovatsya badly, then it is absolutely optional to dissolve it in oil again, it is possible directly there, in almost ready mask, then again in cold for some time. And to disturb, to disturb at any opportunity.

Ksantan well influences skin, humidifies, does not make heavier it and promotes deep penetration of all useful substances which are involved in the recipe of a mask. And still narrows pores and does not dry skin. Influencing hair, ksantan (or guar) considerably smoothes, refreshes and moistens them.