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How to learn to strike the opponents with the word as if a dagger?

If to try to describe administrative fight several words, then will turn out something in the spirit of: “ Dominate, dominate, subordinate “ or “ Convince, operate and defend the opinion “. In the modern world not only the strongest operates, but also the most sociable . We want that or not, but z to the amknuty, diffident person to achieve magnificent heights in life much more difficult, than to the person brighter and sociable .

However, you should not be upset and fall into an insuperable depression, skill to communicate - at all not that ability of the person which cannot learn. At the moment there is an incredible number of various trainings, the master - classes, and even the whole courses devoted to this subject. However, as well as in any other sphere, something from this is effective, something - is not present. But all these trainings promise dizzy success anyway, regardless of their efficiency. :)

of One of the last ideas, gradually more and more gaining popularity, is author`s technology of administrative fight of Vladimir Tarasov. Than, in my opinion, it is better than the others and what differs from developments, it similar in? The administrative duel is some kind of role-playing game in which you accept any party and has to not only defend the position, but also manage to reach compromise . Whoever you were: the chief or the subordinate, the seller or the buyer, the unfaithful husband or his wife - in any situation it is necessary to be able to adduce convincing arguments, to be able not to show true feelings and to the maximum “to set free“ the diplomatic abilities.

For example, apparently, quite banal situation: one employee wants to fill up with work of another. But as, it appears, difficult as much as possible sincerely to present this situation and to convince jury that you are worthy ranks “sent for negotiations“. It in better case. It is much more difficult when drearier situations where you have to argue the point of view of the man who is fooling around and deceiving the mistress come across. And it is necessary to present it from the good party, otherwise juries will not estimate “villain“. However, it is very fascinating, and stock up with a row frazochek just in case. :)

Initially when I only began to try to play, seemed to me that any person can be started talking and crushed own confidence. Just you include in yourself such “master of the world“, you look at everything from a high belltower, and voila, a victory in a pocket - the opponent is suppressed. However, everything is not so simple. As couple of cases showed, in opposition it is necessary not only to be able to decline the opponent in the party necessary to you, but also not to go to far in pressure. “To press as the tank and to stop at nothing“ - not the best strategy in similar situations. The task of some members consists in electing “the best heads“ from the point of view of employed. And these are that dominant do not suffer!

And in general. There is a wish to tell how a conclusion. Who did not play yet - try. It is really fascinating. Only do not forget to prepare for the pass - to battles. Preparation plays much more significant role, than it seems to us at first sight . And the received skills in real life are useful oh as often. For example, it is necessary to reason somehow why turn to go to shop not yours, and someone from relatives? :)