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How the cruiser “Minsk“ got to China? The fairy tale

the heavy cruiser Constructed in Nikolaev with aircraft carrying arms “Minsk“ arrived to the Pacific Ocean in 1979. Crew, having finished 6 - summer “construction battalion“, started “usual“ sea service in glory of the Soviet weapon, in pursuance of “zhizneobrazuyushchy“ indications of party, government resolutions and orders of higher command. to seamen first, as usual, “had a rough time“

With housing on the new place. But after 11 years it seems as “forgot“ about housing problem. Who was condensed, who snipped off the apartment in a new building, who was transferred to other place, and who and on a demobilization sailed away. However, old residents of crew moving from the Black Sea on TOF are not present and remembered. Both commanders remembered, and zampolita, and osobist - military counterspies - “as obliges“ did not forget.

People can be pressed - where to disappear with them, all will execute “through I cannot“. With iron it is more difficult, it does not obey orders, does not set the promise off, “take out yes polozh“ - only this way and works. “Minsk“ suited time in a way back to stamp around Africa, in native Nikolaev, on factory overhaul.

What for repair? Not simply to smear a krasochka on metal. The ship should be put in dry dock, to peel all from top to bottom, to replace everything that changes, plastic and a tree, nuts and bolts, arms and the equipment.

Works - it is simpler to construct a new aircraft carrier, perhaps. What is the time will leave? Plainly nobody can tell. Several years, maybe, and more than on construction. How families? Prospects are the gloomiest: again Nikolaev, temporary others corners, disorder and dense fog in the direction of the future.

The crew reflected … There were no plots and organized groups with criminal plans, zealous osobist quickly would calculate obvious sedition, but the cruiser “Minsk“ did not get to repair.

He was tried to be expelled from Vladivostok the whole year. And as ill luck would have it, always at the latest moment it became clear that something was not reserved, someone is missing or any responsible mechanism refuses to carry out the functions at all.

Higher commanders of all ranks terribly stamped legs, knocked a fist on a table and screamed on subordinates blue murder, promising to drive into such places where the removable corner in Nikolaev will be remembered as the state award. Zampolita on bunk rooms and lenkomnata collected staff, led patriotic discussions, adjusting on the next heroic performance of a responsible task, promised glory, honor, awards and other awards without account. Osobista listened to reports of “informers“, all wrote down that could only be taken, hinted in “friendly“ talk to officers and warrant officers at bad conditions of keeping in jails and is oath assured partiyno - the state management that they will bring “this decay“ to clear ocean water.

For certain would reveal and removed if not decay, then extreme. And the cruiser, despite shabby technical condition, for certain would reach Nikolaev, and upon termination of repair a lot more years plowed the seas and oceans. But … Reorganization ended with disorder of the Union, Nikolaev was the “foreign“ city, the money allocated for repair “evaporated“ the devil only knows where and repair ceased to interest the sea administration. Pride of the Soviet Navy was put first on a trick, then disarmed and sold on scrap metal.

Thanks to brothers - to Chinese. Redeemed our former pride, oiled, the museum - in it arranged entertainment center of “Shenzhen Minsk World“. If not they, so would saw of what were proud also in melting. And so - though show to the Russian tourists what Russians precipitately in scrap metal wrote off.

Also there you can go. You walk round steel decks, listen to stories of guides, eat delicacies of Chinese cuisine and prizadumaytes between times how we will store the French Mistral helicopter carrier? If we obtain, of course …