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How the cruiser “Minsk“ got to China? An introduction of

Pride of the Soviet fleet, the heavy cruiser with aircraft carrying arms “Minsk“, built in Nikolaev. I do not know how at French or Chinese, and in the USSR together with factory workers - also the regular crew was engaged in construction of the warship in ship builders. “Minsk“ - not an exception. It was put at plant in the end of a year 1972 - go, but as a part of the Navy the ship together with crew appeared for 10 months earlier. In regular crew on an aircraft carrier about one and a half thousand seamen whose lion`s share - officers and warrant officers moreover under five hundred pilots with technicians were registered as

. Both military, and civil - it was clear to all that for the ship Nikolaev - home station temporary. The cruiser will be constructed and will leave together with all the seamen and pilots. To which of the high administration hunting to stuff itself the head with temporary problems? Nobody seriously and members of families, as usual, was engaged in living conditions of crew. Matrosikov, of course, which - as placed, him, dependent is no place to disappear. And at the others - the brains under a peak-cap, a crab decorated, will understand as - nibud.

The crew was increased gradually, sea brains concerning problems family worked effectively therefore also the housing problem sharply was not shown. All understood that “the right to swing“ there is no sense, to leave all the same “soon“. Who in a hostel to factory workers thrust, who removed a hut - which - as lived, served, worked.

On construction, elimination of shortcomings and test 6 years left. Children of green lieutenants first graders became, lieutenants “turned“ in starleev and which - who and kapleya “snipped off“.

By the beginning 79 - go seamen received the “long-awaited“ battle-order - on the East. Of course, waited for the order, but it to very few people brought pleasures. Officers and warrant officers understood that they in the Far East wait not for them with families, and the ship, “fighting unit“. On the Black Sea somehow everything “settled down“, but that will be on the new place - One man`s guess is as good as another`s, even admirals from Moscow and Vladivostok only guess.

An aircraft carrier exit in a distant campaign around Africa long “did not turn out“. At the most inappropriate moment suddenly there were good reasons, the aircraft carrier once again was late. At last the commander “waved a checker“, zampolita and osobist led sentimental discussions “everyone about the“, the crew heavy sighed, the cruiser in a campaign left.

Around Africa four months stamped, on the road fulfilling educational tasks and paying goodwill visits to passing ports. The service of the cruiser on TOFE began with summer of 1979. As it passed - it is possible to learn, having looked through the turned yellow filings of newspapers of that time. How many exits, flights, start-up, diplomas and prizes, ranks ahead of schedule, awards and so forth and so forth - the press local and central wrote about everything those years.

About one mum`s the word - about living conditions. Waited for arrival of the heavy cruiser in Vladivostok not only local authorities and voyenno - sea chiefs. Husbands reached by planes and trains of a family of seamen the new place quicker, than. Just to arrival of “Minsk“ all together also gathered.

Want the wife to live with husbands - and there is no place to live. With housing and before arrival of “Minskers“ in garrison, to put it mildly, it was intense. There were not enough on all so valuable square meters, and here two thousand more applicants. Who only called them here... It was necessary to remember once again to sea husbands for what under head peak-caps.

Coped with a difficult task and this time. Whether it is good whether it is bad, but families which - as took place, waiting for the put meters queued. Wives ceased to cry, were engaged in economy, officers and warrant officers continued to work the asterisks, performing different important tasks of command, the government and party.

The sea service the turn went... Yes nothing is present constant in this life. In the near future one more re-deployment waited the “Minsk“ crew. About it - in the following article.